Hawaii Fact 33 of 50: The Paniolo, Hawaii’s Cowboy

imageAs we’ve discovered in this series of 50 facts about the 50th State, Hawaii is unique in so many ways. Today’s fact focuses on yet another iniquity, Hawaii’s cowboy, the paniolo. Per the Bishop Museum, “Paniolo music, dress, and arts are uniquely Hawaiian.” Where else will you find cowboys who play the ukulele and wear leis?

To learn more about the history of the paniolo and how to learn more about them on your Hawaii vacation, see these articles:

Photo from Bishop Museum

  1. Another fact: Parker Ranch on The Big island is home to one of America’s oldest and largest cattle ranches. (Between 30,000 and 35,000 head of Angus and Charolais cattle) I believe it was THE largest in the US for a while. (At its peak it spread over half a million acres.)

    From Wikipedia: The ranch was founded in 1847 [162 Years ago] and is one of the oldest ranches in the United States, pre-dating many mainland ranches in Texas and other southwestern states by more than 30 years. Spreading approximately 135,000 acres (550 km2) of the island, Parker Ranch is also among the country’s largest cattle ranches.

  2. @ Dave – that’s very interesting. I think I knew that once, but it had slipped my mind. Dang…and it would have made a great fact for this series, too. 😉

    Thanks for adding that!

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