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Sheila Beal and Go Visit Hawaii’s expert advice has been mentioned and referenced in a number of respected publications and media outlets.

USA Today asked Sheila Beal to serve as a Hawaii travel expert to curate their “10 BEST” lists for multiple categories:

Sheila Beal USA Today Hawaii Expert

Travel + Leisure and Business Insider reference Go Visit Hawaii advice in this article regarding the best times to visit Hawaii for low prices and good weather.

Kiplinger quoted Sheila Beal throughout this article with recommendations to save money on a Hawaii vacation.

USA Today quoted Sheila Beal and Go Visit Hawaii extensively in this article on finding Hawaii vacation bargains.

Australia’s NineMSN recommended Go Visit Hawaii with these words, “This award-winning travel blog is a great resource for up-to-date deals, travel news, and local advice. Written by travel writer Shiela and her photographer husband Andy, the info is unbiased and solid.”

Budget Travel Magazine selected Sheila to be the Hawaii Trip Coach to assist their readers with their Hawaii vacation planning.

USA Today incorporated and referenced Go Visit Hawaii’s Hawaii vacation packing checklist in their article on packing for Hawaii.

Go Visit Hawaii in the newsThe San Francisco CBS News affiliate referenced Go Visit Hawaii’s images and video in a news item related to Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki.

NPR referenced Go Visit Hawaii in an article related a Maui airport power outage.

Dallas Morning News and Parent Map Magazine (online and print)  quoted Sheila Beal and referenced Go Visit Hawaii as resource for saving money on a great family vacation in Maui.

The LA Times has referenced Sheila saying, “Blogger Sheila of Go Visit Hawaii has consistently posted great money-saving tips” and “Seasoned Hawaii traveler Sheila Beal gives indispensable tips”  Here are links to three articles where Go Visit Hawaii has been referenced: article 1article 2, and article 3.

FOXNews references Go Visit Hawaii in naming their list of the top 8 places to celebrate July 4th.

National Geographic Traveler mentioned (online and print) Go Visit Hawaii’s advice on using Twitter for travel.

From the Perrin Post of the Conde Nast Traveler as well as ABC News, Go Visit Hawaii was mentioned as one of the best resources for finding Hawaii deals.

Islands Magazine referenced the Go Visit Hawaii advice for using a GPS Navigation Systems for stress-free driving in Hawaii.

The Houston Chronicle referenced Go Visit Hawaii as a source to learn about Hawaii attractions, events, and deals.

The popular pop culture travel blog, Jaunted, has published Sheila’s articles. Here’s one of the articles published by Jaunted.

The Honolulu Star Bulletin wrote an article on Go Visit Hawaii entitled Hawaii lover nominated for 2 travel blog awards

FineLiving referenced Sheila in an article discussing when to ask for the help of a travel agent.

Additionally, Sheila has been an online contributor to the Lonely Planet Travel Blog.

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