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Hawaii vacation deals & news: October 7, 2014

* The travel agency Pleasant Holidays is advertising a Hawaii January Vacation Sale with with a free convertible, SUV, minivan or luxury rental car. See more details here. * If you want to visit Maui on the cheap, this hotel deal for $79 per night at the 2.5-star Maui Beach Hotel, looks like it’s worth considering. * Cruises are on ... Read More »

What you need to know before booking a Hawaii cruise

Considering a cruise to Hawaii? You’ll appreciate today’s guest post written by a cruise expert, Erica Kritt. This post discusses the difference between U.S. and foreign flagged ships along with the advantages of each option.  If you are planning a visit to Hawaii, a cruise affords you a great way of seeing the 50th state. You can sail from island ... Read More »

New “Cruising Hawaii” category

I’ve created a new category for our cruise-related articles. You can find those posts in  Cruising Hawaii sub-category of General Hawaii posts.. I hope that make it easier to find all our cruise articles for readers planning a Hawaii cruise vacation. Within this new category, you’ll find time-saver tips, ideas for DIY island tours and more. Have you cruised Hawaii? What ... Read More »

Hawaii cruise wedding?

Per this news article, there’s a new trend for destination weddings organized by cruise ships. So, I wanted to pass along this wedding idea for our readers that are soon-to-be brides and grooms. From the article, several cruise lines offer complete wedding packages and do all the organizing for you. These cruise wedding packages that include flowers, cake, officiant and ... Read More »

NCL’s Pride of America to spiff up in 2013

Norwegian Cruise Line announced plans to revitalize their ship that’s currently dedicated to a continuous 7-day Hawaii itinerary. The Pride of America will enter dry dock for 14 days starting March 23, 2013. The $30million investment will include improvements like: – Addition of 24 ultra-luxurious suites (Ultra-luxurious, you say? Oh my, do tell me more!) – Addition of 4 studio ... Read More »

Photo Compilation: Cruise Ship Hawaii

This article is brought to you by Jo from Everything Cruises blog. She’s part of a team of writers delivering nautical delights to your inbox: fascinating cruise facts, smart tips that will save you money and what NOT to do when you step aboard. Sign up for blog updates and follow Everything Cruises on Twitter @CruisingBlog. Hawaii is paradise found. ... Read More »

Cruising Hawaii and Renting a Car

I recently received the following question from a reader who’ll be on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands: We are planning a trip this September to the islands. We will be on a NCL cruise. Do you have any suggestions or pointers about car rentals at the various ports? Are there shuttles that provide transportation to the car rentals from ... Read More »

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