Fact 23 of 50: Hawaii’s Average Water Temperature


Hawaii’s average water temperature is 74º F. (23.3 C), with a summer high of 80º F. (26.7º C), per GoHawaii. The significance of this fact is that the water is warm enough to swim and snorkel year round in Hawaii without having to wear a wetsuit. See our complete article for more details on Hawaii’s ocean temperatures.

  1. Hi Sheila! I have been reading lots of your posts here and they’ve proven to be extremely helpful for my first two-week vacation to Hawaii in May. My BF and I are pretty much set on heading to Oahu for a week and Kauai for another week but the only big pending question we have is about the water temperatures in Hawaii.

    We usually go to the beach in Florida, were the ocean is particularly warm and we love that!! I understand the water temperature in Hawaii is not as warm, but is it too cold? The beach part of my vacation is always the most important to us and warm waters are a must.

    hope you an give me some feedback about this. thanks!!

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      I really don’t know what you consider to be too cold. All I can say is that it’s not too cold for thousands of people to enjoy being in the ocean every day of the year in Hawaii.

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