How to pick the best time to go to Hawaii – weather, price, crowds


We’re often asked: when is the best time to visit Hawaii? There are multiple answers to that question. In our opinion, there’s really not a bad time to go to Hawaii. Just about any month is a great time to visit Hawaii.

In this article we share loads of great information to help guide you to the ideal time for you to visit Hawaii based on your preferences. However, if you just want the shortest answer…

TLDR: the best months to visit Hawaii are April, May, September and October for the very best rates, weather and the least crowds.

Hawaii Weather

You’ll always be able to find warm, tropical weather in Hawaii. Due to Hawaii’s proximity to the equator, temperatures don’t vary drastically from season to season like they do in North America, Europe, etc. 

In summer months, daytime high temperatures range from mid to upper 80s. In the winter months, daytime highs average in the upper 70s to lower 80s. (For readers who are more familiar with temperatures in Celsius, 78F is about 25.6C and 85F is 29.4C.)

You’ll be able to see lush, green landscapes any time of year that you visit Hawaii. Vibrantly colored tropical flowers bloom throughout the year in Hawaii, even in the winter months

Ocean temperatures around Hawaii allow for year-round swimming and ocean sports. Though, you should always check ocean conditions before going out.

For more island specific weather details see these guides:

Rainfall from season to season varies slightly more than the temperatures do. Summer months tend to be drier while winter months tend to get more rain. We created a graph that shows how average rainfall levels vary month by month.

This graph shows the general Hawaii rainfall trends. Data was collected at the major airports. For the Big Island, data is shown from the Kona airport. Click on the chart to review more details about the rainfall chart.

Even though winter months (November – March) tend to be a tad rainier, chances are you won’t have to contend with much rain throughout your entire trip. We’ve been to Hawaii in all the seasons and very, very rarely has rain caused us to change our plans. We wouldn’t hesitate to hop on a plane to Hawaii any day of the year, even in the wetter wintertime. We make sure we pack quick drying clothes so a passing shower won’t hamper our sightseeing adventures. Usually rain showers are short lived and you are treated to a rainbow afterwards. If you are concerned about rain in Hawaii, particularly in winter months, see our article with advice for where to stay in Hawaii to avoid rain.

Hawaii Vacation Crowds

Before we talk about the most “crowded” time in Hawaii, we should mention that Hawaii has never felt very crowded to us, with the exception of the urban paradise of Waikiki in Honolulu, which is Hawaii’s most populated city.

There are certain times per year that are busier than others in Hawaii. They tend to fall around holidays and family summer vacations. Let’s look it the demand in a graph form. The following chart from our Hawaii visitor analysis shows how many visitors arrived to Hawaii per month. Note the yellow line, which is the average monthly number of visitors. Any month that rises above the yellow line indicates higher occupancy on the islands. Likewise, any month below the yellow line indicates a lower occupancy.


Here are the main reasons that March, June, July, August and December draw bigger crowds to Hawaii:

  • March – families like to take spring break vacations to Hawaii.
  • June – summer (in the Northern Hemisphere) vacation for families begin. Actually early June, before most schools complete there year, is relatively quiet. As the month progresses, more schools finish their year and thus family vacations start.
  • July – summer vacation and July 4h holiday.
  • August – summer vacations continue in the early part of the month. Towards the end of the month, when children are back in school, the islands are less occupied.
  • December – early to mid-December is relatively quiet. It’s the Christmas and New Year’s holidays in Hawaii that draw the crowds.

The best times to visit Hawaii to avoid crowds are the months of January, February, April, May, September, October and November.

Hawaii Vacation Costs

Generally speaking, crowds and rates trend together. When there are lots of visitors to Hawaii, hotels can charge higher rates for the higher demand. In contrast, where there’s low demand, hotel rates tend to be cheaper.

In 2019, we analyzed the most recent Hawaii hotel rates to create the following graph showing how the rates fluctuate throughout the year. As you can see from the graph below, hotel rates around months with holidays and summer vacations generate the highest rates of the year. Also, Hawaii hotel rates in the cold months in North America — January, February and March — are a bit above average.


In addition to higher hotel rates at holidays, you can also expect to pay more in airfare, too. Even dining, especially holiday dining, can be more expensive.

To save money, the best times to vacation in Hawaii are in April, May, September, October and November. Though not expressed through the above chart, early June and early December are also in expensive times.

Putting It All Together – Weather, Prices, Crowds

We’ve developed the following decision matrix that helps you compare all those key factors. We’re going to use Kauai as an example of average high temperatures (F) and average rainfall levels (inches)  so that you can get an idea of overall trends that will generally be true across Hawaii.

Day Temp
Hotel Rates
January 78 4.6 Below Avg Above Avg
February 78 3.4 Below Avg* Above Avg
March 78 3.6 Above Avg Above Avg
April 79 3.0 Below Avg** Below Avg
May 81 2.9 Below Avg Lowest
June 83 1.8 Above Avg Average
July 84 2.1 Above Avg Above Avg
August 85 1.9 Above Avg Above Avg
September 85 2.7 Below Avg *** Below Avg
October 83 4.3 Below Avg Below Avg
November 81 4.7 Below Avg **** Below Avg
December 79 4.8 Above Avg***** Above Avg

*Exceptions in February is around Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day.

**Exception in April is that if Easter falls in April, the weeks around Easter can be higher.

*** Generally high until the week after Labor Day, then low.

**** Exception is the weekend of Thanksgiving.

***** Crowds are very low until approximately December 20th, then very high through the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

From the table, you can see that May and September are optimal times for best weather, least crowds and lowest costs. The end of April and the whole month of October are also quite good. Another great time to consider is the very beginning of June before kids get out of school in the U.S.

We created month-by-month guides to help you choose when to go to Hawaii. These guides go into more detail.  These monthly guides are as follows:

Is January a good month to go to Hawaii?

Is February a good month for a Hawaii vacation?

Is March a good month to go to Hawaii?

Is April a good month to vacation in Hawaii?

Is May a good month to vacation in Hawaii?

Is June a good month for a Hawaii vacation? 

Is July a good month to vacation in Hawaii?

Is August a good month to visit Hawaii?

Is September a good month for a Hawaii vacation? 

Is October a good month for a Hawaii vacation? 

Is November a good month for a Hawaii vacation?

Is December a good month for a Hawaii vacation?

  1. Kailani – Don’t rub it in that your winters are in the 70’s. (Just kidding!) 🙂 Here’s hoping for many nice days for you this winter. 🙂

  2. I have a friend who lives in Hawaii. I was asking his advice on visiting in late Oct. He said the weather is nice but the winds were annoying that time of year because they blow ash from The Big Island. He said it can be overcast and rainly at times. What do you think? He said late Sept would be good. Otherwise I was looking into Feb. But according to your chart that is the cold time of the year. Any advice?…Thanks

  3. Hi April,

    Anytime of year is a good time to visit Hawaii. I was just there at the end of October and didn’t have any issues with the wind.

    I think your friend may be referring to VOG (volcanic gases), and the way the wind blows does impact that, but there’s not many days that the wind blows in the direction that creates VOG problems on the other islands. In general the areas most likely to have VOG problems are on the southern end of Hawaii’s Big Island.

    Even in February, the weather is still wonderfully warm. The biggest issue in Dec – Feb is rain. See this article on where to stay to avoid rain in the winter months.

    When I originally wrote this article, the economy was stronger. The winter months and summer months are typically the most expensive times to visit Hawaii. That’s not necessarily the case with the present economy. Some of the deals I’ve seen are absolutely tremendous.

    Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to go Hawaii anywhere or anytime.

    I’d be interested in finding out what you decide. Good luck!

  4. Hello. First time site visit. We have been to Maui 2 times and Love the southside/Kihei. It is us more than big condos. Where would you suggest we go next as we have pretty much explored Maui. Life is too short to return to places too often when there is so much of this world to experience. Thanks Dan

      1. Kauai is amazing and would recommend it to anyone looking for a place that isn’t full of tourists. There isn’t a turn on this island that isn’t beautiful. You feel like you’re in another world there. The people and even guides on tours are beyond polite! No one ever seems “put out” to answer any question. I never wanted to leave. I just started looking into going back; And told my husband that this time if we go, we’re buying one way tickets! 😍

  5. Thanks for this!! It’s really appreciated!! Looking forward to our Kauai trip in February & this really helps to know what we should expect.

        1. We don’t keep track of the typical ocean weather patterns between Hawaii and the U.S. Maybe a travel agent that specializes in cruises could answer that question.

  6. Was planning a vacation for the 2011 holiday time. I was wondering if that is a good time. My 14 yr. old wants to visit pearl harbor and go to the beaches while the rest of us want to see the volcanoes and a ethicnatic laui. Can all that be done during that time frame or would sometime be better.

    1. Deedee – you can certainly do all those things during 2011 holiday time.

      Since you mentioned volcanoes, I just wanted to let you know that all the islands are made of volcanoes and the shape of the island really shows that. If you want to see volcanic activity, only one island has an active volcano — Hawaii’s Big Island.

      If you want to see Pearl Harbor that’s on Oahu. You can either, split time on your vacatoin between the islands or….another suggestion is that it’s fairly easy to go island hopping for the day either on your own or with an organized tour.

      Luaus are on all the islands.

      You might want to take a look at this post to help you with your planning –

      Hope that helps. Best of luck!

  7. Hi there everyone, my partner and I are looking at getting married in Hawaii around August 2012, Where are the nicest places to stay. Any ideas? We are traveling from rainy England. Thank you.

    1. Hi Mark – I’ve lived in rainy England myself, so I can tell you that you are in for a big treat when you visit beautiful, sunny Hawaii!

      Hawaii is very, very romantic, so you’ve picked a great spot for your wedding.

      There are nice places to stay all over the Hawaiian islands. Some of the poshest areas to stay in Hawaii are:
      – Wailea on Maui
      – Kapalua on Maui
      – Princeville on Kauai
      – Manele Bay on Lanai
      – Kohala Coast on the Big Island
      – Hualalai on the Big Island

      To help you choose the right island(s) for you, you might find a good starting point here: If you want to comment on that post with what you’re hoping to do and find when you’re in Hawaii, I can better steer in you to the island(s) that may be the best fit for you and your partner.

  8. Hi there. It’s me, Miguel. Right now I’m in the Philipines. Recently, I have resigned from my job in Dubai as a medical claims representative who I had worked straight in 9 years. I have finished for the 3rd term my contract and I wanted to live and find a job in Hawaii because this time I want a place w/c the whether would seem similar to Philippines. I’m age 36,graduated as nurse, able to have passed CGFNS in 1997. I strongly desire for Hawaii. Any help please. Thnks.

  9. I am planning to go to Hawai for my honeymoon in November. I want recommendations for a romantic resort but also near the downtown with the shops and restaurants. I also want to avoid too much rain if possible. Thanx

  10. Hello,
    I am planning on taking my wife and son to Maui, HI for the first time next month. Unfortunately, she has become a little hesitant visiting next month after reading online that June is hurricane season. Is it hurricane season? What do you think about visiting this month? From June, July, August which month do you reccomend?

    1. Daniel – that’s an interesting question you posed. Just from my knowledge of Hawaii, I can recall only one hurricane off the top of my head and that was Iniki back in 1992. So, I did some searching, I found this great Hawaii weather resource: Notice that is says that hurricanes in Hawaii are very rare events. That source also says that since 1950, there have only been 5 hurricanes that cause any significant damage in Hawaii.

      In terms of the best month of the three you listed, I would recommend June and the earlier the better before summer vacations start to increase. Also, per this chart, there’s never been a hurricane recorded in Hawaii in June:

      If past history is an indicator of the future, you really don’t need to be concerned with hurricanes in Hawaii.

  11. Hi,

    I’m considering a wedding this November in Maui, it will be our first time to Hawaii. Is mid November a good time for a wedding in Maui? I’m concerned about the weather being rainy, etc… Also, what hotels are kid friendly yet nice as well as affordable? We have a 4 year old so want to make sure he is entertained as well. Any advice is much appreciated!

    1. Ashley – Maui is a very romantic place for a wedding.

      November is just on the cusp of Hawaii’s “ranier” season, but definitely not in the peak of it. As I mention in this article, the Wailea area might be a good choice to avoid rain. For a kid-friendly resort, you might want to consider the Marriott in Wailea.

      One thing to bear in mind about Hawaii’s rain, is that most of it falls a night. Yippee!

      A great thing about going in November is that hotel and airfare rates are usually pretty low. Another plus is that you definitely won’t be dealing with crowds.

  12. Hi, I am looking into planning a vacation this December over Christmas break. I have two daughters ages 9 and 12 and can not decide which island to visit. We like nice beaches with kid friendly activities. Rainfall and crowds are my concern. Any suggestions? Do the islands have a Christmas feel over the holidays?

    1. Kelly — based on what you described, I’d suggest the Wailea area of Maui — plenty of beautiful beaches, plus lots of kid-friendly activities throughout the island of Maui. Wailea is an area that receives approximately 15 inches of rainfall per year, so there’s a good chance you’ll mostly be dry. Although, there are no guarantees, which I’m sure you understand.

      All the islands and resorts do have a Christmas feel over the holidays, but with a neat “island-style” theme to it. For example the resort Christmas trees may have shells for ornaments or surfing santas, etc. Most of the resorts will offer lavish Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals, many with all the traditional mainland holiday staples.

  13. Hi we are planing on coming in June 2012 and was wondering what your take on the so call all Inclusive is ?

    1. Cindy – Hawaii doesn’t have many all-inclusive options. The only resort that’s all-inclusive is Travaasa Hana on Maui. Other resorts might offer an all-inclusive meal plan, but that’s about it.

      I know that all-inclusives can be nice, but as a frequent visit to Hawaii, I’m glad that there’s not a lot of all-inclusives. There’s so many great activities and restaurants to explore on each island, that I don’t want to be captive to one resort. Plus, the Hawaiian Islands are so safe for exploring, you don’t have to fear being outside of a resort like you have to do in some all-inclusive destinations.

  14. Hi fellow Sheila!

    My mother, who is 61 years old, has always dreamed of going to Hawaii. This year, I would LOVE to treat her to a vacation. My mother is very simple (so am I) so she would mostly enjoy sightseeing, dining, shopping, and sun soaking. My mother has vacation time coming up from Oct. 31st to Nov 13th. Which island(s) do you suggest we visit? And which sights do you think we absolutely MUST visit? Thank you!

    1. Aloha Sheila — Oh yes, it’s high time to make those dreams of visiting Hawaii come true!

      Based on what you described what you like to do, I would recommend Maui and/or Oahu. If you’d be there for two weeks, you could easily do both islands. FYI – Island day trips are easy to do from Oahu. So, you might even consider taking a day island hop over to Kauai and the Big Island, too. You can either do that on your own or go with an organized tour.

      Here are some of my “must do’s” for Maui and Oahu:
      # Best Maui Vacation Activities
      # Best Oahu Activities

  15. me and my wife leaves in NJ , we have 18 months twin baby. we can manage 7 day vacation sometime in NOV end to dec 2nd week.
    do you think it will be cost effective and enjoyable to travel Hawaii with 18 months, what area will you suggest us to visit-we want to see active valcano and some good beachs. we may not able to hike lot. and our budget is also tight. can you suggest a plan and an idea of cost.

    thanks for help

    1. Hmmmm…. traveling from NJ with 18 month old twins might be a challenge. Depending on where you go and connections, it can take about 12 to 15 hours in just flying and connecting time. If you’ve flown with your babies and know they do well, then maybe that’s no big deal.

      Flights are quite expensive now, unfortunately. We recently purchased tickets to the Big Island for November and they were just under $1100 each. Ouch!

      If you want to see the active volcano, you must go to the Big Island of Hawaii as it’s the only island with an active volcano. That being said, you need to be careful about bringing young children around volcanic fumes as they may be harmful.

      Good beaches are on every island!

  16. Hi Sheila,

    Whats the best way to travel between islands? Fly or boat?
    I’m keen to visit Pearl and the big Island with my family.
    (Wife and Teenage daughter.)


  17. Hi Sheila. My husband and I are planning a vacation in the mid-February and are debating where to spend it. New York or Hawaii? We are leaning towards Hawaii due to the warmer weather. The question that we have is which part of Hawaii should we visit? As first time visitors, where would you recommend us to go? We would like to get the most of Hawaii from our trip. Also, is there scuba diving during February and what would you recommend to pack to wear? What would be a recommended budget for spending after airfare and hotel for comfortable and a good time?

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi Liz — I’ll point you to some articles to help answer your questions:

      – See this post on how to choose the best island for you: If after reading that you’re not leaning towards a particular island, in my opinion, Maui is a great island for first time visitors. As a matter of fact, it was the first Hawaiian Island I visited.

      – Since I’m not a diver, I can’t speak from experience. I do go snorkeling in Hawaii and have been snorkeling several times in Hawaii in January/February/March, so, assuming it’s safe enough to snorkel in these winter months, I’d imagine it’s safe enough to dive, too.

      – Here’s what to wear/pack:

      – Here’s a rough idea of what to budget for a Hawaii vacation: There’s loads of excellent things to see and do throughout Hawaii that are free or nearly free to do. There’s also loads of great activities like taking a helicopter tour or going on a snorkeling excursion that are not cheap, so it’s really up to you on how much you want to do and spend.

  18. Hi me and my best friend have been wanting to take a trip this summer because we are graduating from college. We want to go to Waikiki but I really don’t know what the weather situation is. We want to go the last week of may/first week of June because that’s right when we get out of school. What’s the weather like and would it he better to go later in the summer like August?

  19. Hi my husband and I spent our honeymoon in st Lucia. We were very disappointed with the trip. We had hoped for a romantic getaway where we felt as though we were the only ppl in the world yet wanted to be able to experience beautiful beaches and adventure. Where in Hawaii can we experience the most beautiful crystal clear white sandy beach with less crowding.? I’d like to be able to do things with just us and not several other couples. What do u suggest?

  20. Hi,

    Does anyone know if there are any all inclusive trips to Hawaii?

    Most places only offer flight and hotel stay.


    1. Raymond – All-inclusive resorts are very rare in Hawaii. That’s actually a good thing as there are so many great restaurants and activities to explore on each island that you really don’t want to be cooped up to just one resort.

      The only resort that I know of that offers an all-inclusive set up is Travaasa Hana on Maui. Here’s my review: The price may shock you at first, like it did me, but once you realize it includes a 60 minute spa treatment per person per day, then it doesn’t sound so bad.

      There was another all-inclusive on Hawaii’s Big Island, Kona Village, that was damaged in the 2011 tsunami. It’s been closed since then. There are plans to reopen it. The last I heard was that it might reopen in late 2013, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

  21. Hi, I’m from Western Australia and I am interested in a 2 – 3 week holiday to Hawaii (would welcome suggestions on whether travel to US is a great idea too as I have a total of 6 weeks.)

    My wife and I have a 6 & 2yo and would really like to experience Hawaii. I don’t know much about it and would welcome kid friendly suggestions.

    I am nervous about eating out a bit as my son is highly allergic to nuts, eggs, sesame and seafood.

    1. Hi Tony,

      6 weeks holiday….that’s awesome!

      Sure I think Hawaii and visiting the US Mainland is very doable in that time frame.

      We have have over 1700 articles here on Go Visit Hawaii, so I’m sure you’ll find some good starting points here. A great place to get started is with our island guides. See them from the right sidebar.

      To choose your island(s) – start here:

      I can understand your concerns about the food allergies. Hawaii uses lots of seafood, macadamia nuts and also sesame. Though, not every dish has them. Also, you’ll find keiki (kid) menus at just about every restaurant.

      In my opinion, Maui is probably one of the more kid-friendly islands, though you can find kid-friendly things to do on all the islands.

  22. Aloha! This site is already so helpful in planning our Hawaii trip, and we’ve just started looking! My fiancée and I are from Canada and are planning to get married in Hawaii in 2013! We have two questions. We are wanting to have our wedding either in mid-late April or early June. What do you think would be the best time, considering price of accommodations and such and weather (we want an outdoor wedding and would like to be almost certain that it won’t rain 😉 I know there’s never any guarantee but want to know the most likely). Our second question is, we don’t know Hawaii very well, my fiancée has been only a few times and I have never been, and we are wondering what island you would suggest for an intimate, casual, outdoor beach wedding at a decent price. We will have only about 30 guests so don’t need something huge and we also don’t need something fancy, and would like something affordable 🙂 if you have even suggestions for actual places that would host a small wedding, it would be super amazing!

    Sorry for all the specific questions… any help would be crazy appreciated!

    1. Hi Eloi – based on the history of rainfall levels, June would be a better choice to avoid rain. If you can go in early June, you have a better chance of avoiding crowds and you might get a better price on accommodations.

      As for where to go….you could go almost anywhere in Hawaii for a nice beach wedding. Just one place that came to mind is Kapalua Cliff House in Kapalua on Maui. I think they have a pretty informative facebook page. I believe they can accommodate a wedding the size you’ve mentioned. Kapalua is one of my favorite places in Maui with great views of Molokai and Lanai and crescent shaped beaches flanked by lava rocks.

    1. I’d seriously recommend looking at the Kualoa Ranch in Oahu – it may fit your needs and they have a range of areas in which you can find prices/areas including a “secret” beach.

      I know my wife and I intend to eventually do a renewal of vows at the ranch sometime in the future.

  23. We are planning a visit to Hawaii for our 35th anniversary. We would either like to come in March during my spring break from teaching or after school is out in May around memorial weekend. We hope to see whales when we go. When would you recommend?

    1. Definitely March rather than the end of May. By mid to late April, the whales have headed back to Alaska. The best of whale season is between about January and March

  24. hi everyone I just have a few question , my husband my 3 yer old son and I planning to have vacation just for a week so were planning either January or February , I don’t know what will be the weather look like , we’re trying to avoid rainy season so I don’t know if its the best month to travel , hope you guys can help me thank you


    1. Lorraine — your questions are answered in the article itself, i.e. January and February are not the best months to travel to Hawaii.I encourage you to re-read the article. That being said, you might luck out on the weather.

  25. Hi ,

    We are visting Oahu the very start of next April and I am concerned about the weather. Has anyone been that time of the year before?

  26. Hi,

    We are going to Oahu in March 2013 and were thinking about staying in a little beach house at the North Shore (Waialua). We are living in rainy Belgium, Europe and we are looking for some nice weather and beaches where we can swim and relax. The house we want to rent has also a lanai with ocean view. I’m just worried about the weather in March. Do you know if you could swim in calm waters at the north shore in March? And will it not be raining and lots of wind all the time? Many thanks for your help!!

    1. Evelien – it’s impossible to predict the weather for March. Take a look at the Oahu section under our Hawaii weather page: If you click on the links from there, you can see historical data for temperatures and rainfall. The North Shore of Oahu receives about 30 inches of rain per year. March is not the rainiest month, but it’s not the driest month either.

      Ocean conditions are also difficult to predict. The big waves of winter months should probably be calming down by March.

      If you’re really worried about the weather, you might want to consider the Ko Olina area that’s one of the driest regions on Oahu. They have 4 man-made, protected lagoons that are ideal for swimming and standup paddle boarding. You can find vacation condos to rent there. Here’s some information about it:

  27. Hi,
    We are off on a cruise March 16th 2013 for my husband and I’s 50th birthday from San Francisco to Hawaii really looking forward to it but am abit worried about the crossing heard it can be rough!! But really looking forward to seeing the Hawaii islands it will be a dream come true, we will be due to stop at first island around 20th/21st march is the weather all ok that time of year.

    1. Generally March is a decent month to visit weather wise. However it is one of those transition-ish months from Hawaii’s tropical, but more rainy winter months to the drier summer.

      The humpback whales will still be swimming around the Hawaiian islands in March. So keep your eyes peeled for those amazing creatures.

  28. Hi, I’m just about ready to book my 1st trip to Hawaii hopefully staying on Oahu. I’m thinking Feb 14 & I’ve noticed that the weather isn’t too great in the winter months but to be honest I’m hoping to explore Hawaii in general so weathers not that big an issue but I’d still like it to be @ least not too rainy. I’m quite flexible for the months Jan-July next year but Feb would be my preference. Can you recommend any other month to visit, Warner months, cheap rates, less crowds etc? Thanks:)!

    1. Scott — it’s not that the weather “isn’t too great in the winter months” at all. It’s just those aren’t optimal weather months. I’ve just returned from two weeks in Hawaii and we had warm, sunny weather every day.

      In Hawaii, rain showers are typically brief and passing. Also, in Hawaii, rain mostly falls at night while you’re sleeping

      As far as your other questions, they’re all answered in the article.

  29. Hi,
    Hope you can help. My husband and I have been to Hawaii twice, but many years ago and before the days of the Internet and before Expedia, Travelocity, etc. We used one of those places that specialized in Hawaii vacation travel and don’t even know if they still exist. It was my dream to travel there and I absolutely loved all the islands. We have been to Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii (the big island). It was my dream vacation. Now we would love to take my son and his wife along with my two grandchildren ages 12 and 14. We can’t go until June of 2014 when they get out of school. I don’t have the exact date when that is yet, but they normally finish school the end of the first week of June or early in the 2nd week. We have 3 weeks time to spend. I thought I had plenty of time and have just now started looking and I want to stay in nice hotels. This is going to be a very special vacation for all of us. I have used the normal places such as Expedia, etc. and they all come back that everything has been sold out except for one or two hotels. I am putting in bogus dates, but it doesn’t matter what dates I use I still get the same response. I guess I am surprised since I remember our other trips being booked much closer to the time we were actually going. We all live on the east coast of the US, but in different states about 10 hours apart, which will be even more confusing. When I do my searches I just use my own airport code and figure when I need to really book I can call and ask how to travel from different states. Do you have any recommendations of who I might use to get this trip planned because I am just surprised that each hotel would be sold out so early. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks so much.

    1. That is very odd. I wonder if Expedia may have had a glitch. I can’t imagine that hotels would already be sold out for June 2014.

      You could do some online research on TripAdisor and narrow down to the hotels of interest. Then check with TripAdvisor and/or another online travel agency for availability.Additionally, most hotels have their own booking engines on their website so you could check directly with the hotels either online or by phone.

      I wish we had a travel agency that we could recommend. One reason I hesitate to recommend a travel agency is that they tend to only sell what they have contracts with. So you may not be presented with all the hotel/car/flight options — only the ones where they earn a commission.

      1. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. The strange part is I used Trip Advisor as well as others and it was always the same. Just as an example I did have one hotel I put in and I forget which one came back and said sold out and then just as you suggested I went on the hotel’s website and put in those dates and sure enough they came back with all kinds of availability.

        Do you know if it matters if you book your rooms directly with the hotel and do your air and car separately if that ends up costing a lot more? I noticed that even the hotel I was looking at had all kinds of specials, but the time frame had passed for them. Maybe it is just to early and they don’t have anything to offer me. I admit I am puzzled.

        I just saw an ad that came up on the side of the site that said Pleasant Holiday Vacations and that name sounds familiar to me. Not sure if I booked with them my first visit or something like that. Are they considered a travel agency or just another place like Expedia, Trip Advisor, Travelocity, etc.? I was going to check the different airlines as well since they offer packages as well and at times have booked with different ones for other vacations.

        Sorry to be a pest, but since my grandchildren are 12 and 14 are there hotels that you would recommend that are nice and would be good for the adults as well as them? I can’t decide if we should visit the same 3 islands as my husband and I did – Oahu, Maui and Hawaii the big island because we loved them all so much – or drop one of them and go to Kauai this time as we have never been. They have never been to Hawaii. Is Kauai an island that you could go to for a short visit? Trying to decide if 4 islands is too much to try and pack into a 3 week time frame. I know the plane trip is quick, but all the packing and re-packing is a hassle. I guess what I am asking is what three islands would you recommend considering my grandchildren’s ages?

        We stayed at the Waikoloa on the big island when it was brand new and owned by Hyatt on our last visit which was 1989. It was so nice and offered so much that we only left the premises once. Now I understand it is owned by Hilton and I see mixed reviews. I think my grandchildren would enjoy that type of hotel because of the pools, boats, monorail, snorkeling, kayaking, and standup paddle boarding. It is on a golf course which my son would love and my daughter-in-law and son love spas. My hesitation is has it gone down hill and not the beautiful hotel I remember? Are you familiar with it the way it is today or can you recommend something that you would think is comparable to it that might be better all these years later.

        I am sorry I have asked you so many questions and appreciate your help. No hurry as I think I have plenty of time before deciding what to do, but my head is spinning reading so many reviews where one person loves a place and another hates it. Our last visit of so many years ago we went with a complete Hyatt package and styed in a Hyatt on each island. In a way it was simpler back then because you didn’t have all these reviews. Again, thank you. 🙂

        1. Sometimes you can get the better deal buying the air, car and hotel separately and sometimes it’s better to package.

          You are looking early, which is great for research. However, the airfare experts recommend purchasing airfare 3 to 6 months before your trip. Four months prior is supposed to be the sweet spot. I will add that if you find a great deal more that 4 to 6 months out, snag it asap. See this article

          Pleasant Holidays is kind of a hybrid of an online travel agency (like Expedia) and a traditional travel agency. We haven’t personally booked a trip through them, but we have friends that have and they were very pleased with the deal and the vacation. It won’t hurt to call them. From my observation, Pleasant Holidays seems to offer especially good deals with Starwoods properties in Hawaii. Starwoods = Sheratons, Westins and St. Regis.

          With three weeks, I think you could safely add a fourth island without feeling too rushed.

          From our homepage, go check out each of our island vacation guides. We have a “where to stay” section for each island.

          1. Thanks again for all your help and for being so patient with me. I am so glad I found your website and have been enjoying going through the wealth of information and beautiful pictures you have provided. I can’t wait to get back to Paradise.

  30. Hi Sheila

    I am planning on getting married in Oahu early October this year, very low key sunset beach wedding with 15 family present. Could you recommend a company to assist that’s not too fancy (in price or planning!), and/or a beach that’s relaxed, not too busy and fairly close to Waikiki where we are staying? Bit last minute I know, so any help appreciated!! Jen 🙂

    1. I cannot recommend a wedding provider as I don’t have any experience in Hawaii weddings. I have heard through a friend that Aloha Island Weddings does a nice job, however since I don’t have any experience with them, I cannot vouch for their work. I’m sure the wedding planners know best about the best beaches near Waikiki that aren’t busy for a sunset beach wedding.

  31. Me and my fiance are getting married in Kauai on Hanalei Bay this December (on the 17th). While the people handling or wedding package said that the weather would be beautiful during this time, I am getting worried because I have read things online about December being the month with the worst weather and about it raining for 12 hours a day. We are paying for a bunch of pictures that day and we have planned this for over a year and now I am just worried that our day is going to be ruined by the rain. We are getting married at 3pm. I just wanted to get someones opinion (preferably someone who has visited quite often or lives in the area) as to if I should be worried we will be rained out. Thanks

    1. Erin – as you know, it’s impossible to predict the weather so far in advance. One good trend in your favor is that most rainfall in Hawaii happens overnight and early morning. See more about that here:

      You may want to speak to the photographers and organizers to come up with an alternate plan just in case. Normally if it’s raining on one side of the island, it’s clear on the other side.

  32. Aloha! I’m not sure if you still check this particular post, but it’s still worth a shot!

    My husband and I are planning on celebrating our 5th anniversary in Hawaii this September. I have always wanted to do a ‘trash the dress’ photo shoot and what better place to do so than in Hawaii, right? If you have any suggestions about great beaches (with lots of the big black rocks) that would be awesome! We will be in Maui. I am also interested in doing a helicopter tour! I’m so excited, can’t hardly wait!!!

  33. Hi my daughter and bf are wanting to go to Hawaii they are 20 and 21
    Any suggestions for younger people to stay at affordable price
    They do want to see pearl harbour

    1. Jo – here are two articles that should help:

      – how to pick the best Hawaiian island for your vacation – If money is of concern and going to Pearl Harbor is a must, then they should lean heavily on choosing Oahu.
      – how to save money on accommodations in Hawaii –

  34. Hi
    My husband and I would like to renew our wedding vows in September and are staying on Kauai Island. The travel agents here in England do not really cater for just renewals, more the big wedding.

    We want it for us and our 2 guests.
    We’d like a minister,
    a place near to the hotel we’re staying to renew/bless, (permit needed we guess)
    a bouquet of flowers for myself and guest, also two Lei (garland) for my husband and guest.
    We want it simple and sweet just to validate our marriage to each other.
    Nothing else needed oh! recommend a place to eat and drink?

    If anyone could maybe send a link or have any details they could forward on to me so we could maybe sort this ourselves, we would be grateful.

    This is a holiday, Husband special birthday, bucket list and a long awaited honeymoon rolled into one.

    If anyone can help, Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Sem – we aren’t travel agents so we don’t have that sort of information. We do know that many hotels throughout Hawaii offer turnkey wedding services and vow renewals too. So, check around with some of the Kauai hotels. Also, it might be helpful to do some online searches for “kauai vow renewal” where you may discover some independent vow renewal services in addition to the hotel-based options.

      1. Thank you Sheila
        I know this is your not a travel agent but seeing others messages I was hoping there may be some recommendations for us to consider.
        I have been looking but just wanting ideas.
        Thanks again appreciate your reply. 😀

  35. Hi, I am considering of taking my family to Hawaii and my kids ages 7,3 & 2, any suggestion for family friendly locations. I prefer sightseeing & not city like locations. I have only been to Oahu but that has been years ago, so I would greatly appreciate a recommendation for a place where we can enjoy & relaz😊

  36. Hi there

    Wife and I are coming to our 10th anniversary in october and we are thinking about Hawaii. Would it be better plan our travel beginning or end of October? Really want warm weather. Also, which island would be better for romantic getaway.

    thank you

    1. Unless there’s a really, really, really unusual weather pattern, October won’t be cold at all. It makes no difference weather-wise. Read this article for more insight on visiting Hawaii in October:

      Any island is great for romance. Though we called this series a honeymoon guide, it can also be used for anniversary or celebrating romance in general: Read through those guides to see which appeals to you the most.

  37. Hi. My fiance and I are getting Married Dec 31/2016. We would like to honeymoon in Hawaii. We’d love to see as much as the islands as possible and of course pearl harbour but without breaking the bank!!?? Can you suggest anything? Are there cruises?

    Thanks so much

    1. Yes there are cruises in Hawaii. Norwegian is fairly well priced and spends the least time at sea and the most time on the islands. It’s a great way to get a glimpse of the four major islands in just a week. Tanya Taylor is a cruise expert and has been to Hawaii on Norwegian. She might be able to give you some ideas on pricing. Here’s her facebook page:

      Check out our Hawaii honeymoon guides: as well as our cruise category:

      If you go the land route, see our Hawaii vacation savings tips:

  38. Throughout the entire year are there still about the same things to do, like snorkeling, and surfing and stuff. Or are there better times to do stuff?

    1. Joanne – for the most part, yes. It all depends on the ocean conditions which are always subject to change. You may not be able to snorkel or surf on one side of the island due to big swells, but usually the opposite side of the island will offer better conditions for surfing or snorkeling. Always, check conditions before you go out in the water no matter what time of year you visit.

  39. Hi Sheila,
    I’ve been reading all these questions/your replies and links.
    My dad, sister an I are planning a trip to Hawaii in May . My dad has a Time Share an my sister an I want to stay on Oahu as I’m totally obsessed with the show Hawaii 5-0 an want to go see King Kamehameha which I know is in Honolulu.
    My question is, my dad has booked us at the Hawaiian Princess Resort. I’ve read the reviews on this, it appears to be completely off the beaten path more or less isolated from all or any shops/attractions/restaurants, can you tell me if this is the case?
    We definately want to be on the beach which I know this resort is, I’m just a bit concerned that it seems to be an hr or more away from things an we don’t really want to spend the week in the car getting from one place to another.
    Any insight would be Greatly appreciated!

      1. Thank you for your reply. Yup thst’s what I thought about the hotel, I have my dad’s log in info for his timeshare now so I can keep an eye on hotel’s.
        We are planning on stopping at the Palace when we get in since it’s near the airport.
        We may seriously have to rethink our choice’s-We want to stay at a hotel ON the beach with an ocean view but not spend the week in the car traveling.
        Thanks again for you reply an info.

  40. Hello,

    We’re planning a trip to Hawaii this April (mid month). I think Maui is where we wan to go. We’d love a small, quite, simplistically modern type resort on a beach with nice sand and very calm waters. We love good food (though need some flexibility due to allergies) some shopping, nature exploration, but mostly – we’re beach bums. Where do you suggest we go / stay?
    Thank you!!!

  41. hi. I”m trying to plan a romantic getaway birthday trip for my boyfriend in October. Is that a good month to go and what island would you recommend for first time visitors although my boyfriend loves nature and hiking and sightseeing where as me, i love to sight see and shop and eat and also where would be a good place to get rooms or rent out a condo

  42. Hi, does anybody have any suggestions of where is the best place for me to see endangered Hawaiian monk seals on Maui, Oahu, and the Big Island (at a safe distance, of course)? I am going to these three islands in December.


  43. I haven’t seen anyone mention Hawaii in November. I would like to visit over Thanksgiving with my family. I was thinking of first going to the Volcano area and then to the other side of the island. Will the rain be too much to enjoy hiking the volcano area, it seems to be the rainiest month,

    1. Did you click on the link about November in the article? There’s lots of November specific information in it.

      There’s no way to know if your visit falls over a rainy period or not. Weather is so unpredictable. We have visited the volcano area in January, which is another month with higher than average rainfall. We got to do some great hiking in sunny weather. In fact, I don’t recall any rain at all on that visit.

      If you pack quick drying clothes and breathable, waterproof jackets with hoods, that helps you to be prepared in case of rain. If you bring it and end up not using it, that’s a win! We’ve also found that if we keep a positive attitude when it rains, that helps us enjoy the beauty of Hawaii even in soggy times.

    2. November during Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to vacation on Maui. The weather is beautiful, not humid and you may have an occasional shower but nothing to worry about. Rain in Hawaii is liquid sunshine, we have been visting Maui for many years during November and have ever had a bad experience

  44. I’m planning to go to Oahu this Thanksgiving holiday since it’s also my birthday. How’s the weather there during that time of the year?


  45. My wife and I (Canadians) are thinking of taking a seven day cruise around the islands during around March 2019, via one of the big cruise lines. Would probably start/finish in Honolulu as this avoids the 3-4 days of sailing from the U.S. west coast or from Vancouver. As we’re not really ‘lie on the beach’ types would this be a good way to see the major highlights? We would probably stay a few nights in Honolulu before the cruise, and in many cases the ships spend two days in Kahului, and two days in Nawillwill.

  46. Hello i would like to visit Hawaii with my family. Which Island would be friendly/kid friendly and has hiking, or good for family fun.

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