50 Facts About Hawaii

This time last year, I was knee-deep into a Hawaii fact finding mission. To celebrate Hawaii’s 50th anniversary as the 50th US state, I published 50 interesting facts about the Aloha State. It was a fun learning experience.

Since it’s a year later, and we could all use a refresher, I took the time to gather all 50 facts into one convenient spot. So, study these today as there will be a pop quiz tomorrow.

1:  The First Commercial Flights To Hawaii

2:  When the Flag with the 50th Star First Flew

3:  Hawaii Time

4:  Hawaii’s Population Ranks 42nd In the US

5:  Hawaii’s Diverse Population

6:  Hawaii Has 5 Counties

7: Is Hawaii the Smallest State?

8:  Hawaii’s Fishes Are Unique

9:  The First Seeds of Hawaii’s Statehood

10: Hawaii’s State Flag

11: Hawaii’s Diverse Climates

12: Hawaii is Home to the World’s Tallest Mountains

13: The Dance Developed in Hawaii

14: Another Name for the Hawaiian Islands

15: No Billboards in the 50th State

16: Island Nicknames

17: Hawaii is Home to the Smallest US County

18: How Big is Hawaii’s Big Island?

19: Hawaii Loves Spam

20: The Hawaiian Alphabet

21: Hawaii’s Northwestern & Southeastern Islands

22: Hawaii Was First United Under King Kamehameha

23: Hawaii’s Average Water Temperature

24: Hawaii’s Endemic Happy Face Spider

25: America’s Only Royal Residence

26: Hawaii’s State Flower

27: Historic Pacific Cable Speeds Communication To/From Hawaii

28: How Many People Visit Hawaii Each Year?

29: Hawaii is Home to the Earth’s Wettest Spot

30: Where WW II Began & Ended in the Same Spot

31: Ka Lae is Hawaii’s & the US’s Southernmost Point

32: Hawaii’s State Capitol Building

33. The Paniolo, Hawaii’s Cowboy

34: Hawaii Daylight Hours Don’t Vary Much

35: Hawaii’s State Bird, the Nene

36: Kauai’s Historic Kilauea Point

37: World’s Tallest Sea Cliffs

38: Hawaii Really IS Far Away From It All

39: Hawaii Grows Goodness

40: Hawaii’s Total Coastline

41: Hawaii’s State Fish

42: Hawaii’s Beaches Are Free

43: Unique Guitar Sounds Invented in Hawaii

44: Hawaii Is a Hotbed for Astronomy

45: Hawaii Is Home to the World’s Most Active Volcano

46: Hawaii Offers a Warm Welcome Year-Round

47: No Scary Snakes In Hawaii

48: Hawaii Holidays

49: Hawaii’s Winter Guests – Humpback Whales

50: Hawaii’s State Motto

Okay, there’s not really going to be a pop quiz.

    1. Oh, those are some good faves to have Melanie! I would have a hard time choosing my favorites, so I might as well say all 50. 🙂

  1. how great to have all of these in one place. I will have to go back through and read them all again. I am sure I will enjoy them just as much this time as I did last. Thanks for all of your hard work Sheila!

    1. Janet – thank you for taking the time to tell me you enjoyed reading them the first time and then again! That makes me smile!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Hawaii is an incredible place with so much diversity and a rich history. Just when we think we know all there is about Hawaii, there’s another interesting fact published that keeps perking our interest even more. Thx!

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