50 Facts About Hawaii

This time last year, I was knee-deep into a Hawaii fact finding mission. To celebrate Hawaii’s 50th anniversary as the 50th US state, I published 50 interesting facts about the Aloha State. It was a fun learning experience.

Since it’s a year later, and we could all use a refresher, I took the time to gather all 50 facts into one convenient spot. So, study these today as there will be a pop quiz tomorrow.

1:  The First Commercial Flights To Hawaii

2:  When the Flag with the 50th Star First Flew

3:  Hawaii Time

4:  Hawaii’s Population Ranks 42nd In the US

5:  Hawaii’s Diverse Population

6:  Hawaii Has 5 Counties

7: Is Hawaii the Smallest State?

8:  Hawaii’s Fishes Are Unique

9:  The First Seeds of Hawaii’s Statehood

10: Hawaii’s State Flag

11: Hawaii’s Diverse Climates

12: Hawaii is Home to the World’s Tallest Mountains

13: The Dance Developed in Hawaii

14: Another Name for the Hawaiian Islands

15: No Billboards in the 50th State

16: Island Nicknames

17: Hawaii is Home to the Smallest US County

18: How Big is Hawaii’s Big Island?

19: Hawaii Loves Spam

20: The Hawaiian Alphabet

21: Hawaii’s Northwestern & Southeastern Islands

22: Hawaii Was First United Under King Kamehameha

23: Hawaii’s Average Water Temperature

24: Hawaii’s Endemic Happy Face Spider

25: America’s Only Royal Residence

26: Hawaii’s State Flower

27: Historic Pacific Cable Speeds Communication To/From Hawaii

28: How Many People Visit Hawaii Each Year?

29: Hawaii is Home to the Earth’s Wettest Spot

30: Where WW II Began & Ended in the Same Spot

31: Ka Lae is Hawaii’s & the US’s Southernmost Point

32: Hawaii’s State Capitol Building

33. The Paniolo, Hawaii’s Cowboy

34: Hawaii Daylight Hours Don’t Vary Much

35: Hawaii’s State Bird, the Nene

36: Kauai’s Historic Kilauea Point

37: World’s Tallest Sea Cliffs

38: Hawaii Really IS Far Away From It All

39: Hawaii Grows Goodness

40: Hawaii’s Total Coastline

41: Hawaii’s State Fish

42: Hawaii’s Beaches Are Free

43: Unique Guitar Sounds Invented in Hawaii

44: Hawaii Is a Hotbed for Astronomy

45: Hawaii Is Home to the World’s Most Active Volcano

46: Hawaii Offers a Warm Welcome Year-Round

47: No Scary Snakes In Hawaii

48: Hawaii Holidays

49: Hawaii’s Winter Guests – Humpback Whales

50: Hawaii’s State Motto

Okay, there’s not really going to be a pop quiz.

  1. how great to have all of these in one place. I will have to go back through and read them all again. I am sure I will enjoy them just as much this time as I did last. Thanks for all of your hard work Sheila!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. Hawaii is an incredible place with so much diversity and a rich history. Just when we think we know all there is about Hawaii, there’s another interesting fact published that keeps perking our interest even more. Thx!

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