Hawaii Fact 46 of 50: Hawaii Offers A Warm Welcome Year-Round


No matter what time of year you visit Hawaii, you’ll find pleasantly warm temperatures – even in the winter. In the “coolest” month of February, Hawaii enjoys an average daily low of about 65ºF with an average daily high of 80ºF. I’d call that perfect, summertime weather.

One aspect about Hawaii’s weather that amazes me is that the temperatures don’t vary as widely as we typically see in North America. For example, let’s look at the temperature variation for one of the most populated and visited cities in Hawaii, Honolulu. The average low temperatures range from  65ºF in the winter to 75ºF in the summer. That’s only a 10 degree spread. Honolulu’s average high temperatures vary even less – from 80ºF to 89ºF.

Now, for fun, let’s compare Honolulu’s temperature variations to Chicago’s averages. In January, Chicago’s average low temperature is 18º F (burr!), but in July, the average low is 66ºF. That’s a 48 degree spread. On the average high end of the scale, Chicago’s temperatures vary from an average of 32ºF (uh, burr, again!)  in the winter to 84ºF in the summer, which is a 52 degree spread.

Data Sources: Weather Channel averages for Honolulu and Chicago.

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  1. Some things never change ;^)

    I’ve always wanted a short “Hawaii Thermometer” that only has a spread of about 35 degrees versus the typical outdoor thermometer that gos from +120 to -20.

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