2014 – 2015 season’s first humpback whale was spotted off Kauai!

humpback whales

Though Hawaii’s “official” humpback whale season doesn’t start until late December, the first whale sighting of the season occurred this week. According to this KITV report, the crew of Holo Holo Charters spotted a whale about a mile off the west coast of Kauai on September 16th.

If you are visiting Hawaii between now and the end of December, keep your eyes peeled for humpback whales as more whales start filtering in towards the peak season, which is from January to March.

Since we’ve been following the season’s first whale sightings in Hawaii, the first spotting is usually in October. So, this mid-September arrival is a tad bit on the earlier side. We don’t blame this early arriver for being anxious to be back in Hawaii. I’m sure many of us can relate.

The winner of our annual predict the first whale sighting contest is Katherine Hardeman of Staten Island, New York. Katherine guess of September 14th was the closest without going over. Congrats to Katherine!

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