Predict the first 2014 humpback whale sighting in Hawaii

2014 whale prediction contest

As autumn approaches, humpback whales start making their way to Hawaii. Though the humpback whale season doesn’t officially start until mid-December, a small population of these amazing creatures arrive earlier. Typically the first sighting is in October, though in 2012, one whale surprised everyone at the end of August.

Humpback whales spend the summer months feeding in the nutrient rich Alaskan waters. As winter approaches, they migrate approximately 3,500 miles to the warm, safe waters on Hawaii to give birth and breed. The journey takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks. So, it’s quite possible that the early arrivers are on their way right now.

We’re excited to announce our 5th annual contest to predict the first humpback whale sighting in Hawaii! This year’s winner will get The Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes: Sea Turtles, Dolphins, Whales, and Seals by John P. Hoover — a comprehensive guide to Hawaii’s marine vertebrate animals.

Ultimate Guide Hawaiian Reef Fishes

To assist you with your prediction, here’s a list of the the most recent humpback sightings of the new season:

2006 – October 11
2007 – October 7
2008 – October 8
2009 – October 20
2010 – October 20
2011 — September 26
2012 — August  30
2013 — October 5

Here’s how the 2014 contest will work:

  • Pick the earliest date you think the first whale sighting will be this year.  Enter your prediction in the comments for this blog post. (Sorry Facebook friends, but only blog comments will be eligible. It’s easier for me to keep track of all the guesses in one spot here on the blog.)
  • The closest prediction without going over will win a prize.
  • You must use a valid email address so that I can contact you when/if your prediction is correct. Note that your email address will not be visible on the comment.
  • In the event of a tie, I will randomly select a winner from the tied predictions.
  • We’ll use Hawaii newspapers and news stations as our sources to determine when the first whale has been seen this season.
  • One entry per person will be accepted.
  • Anyone from around the world is eligible to enter. One year our winner was from Milano, Italy.
  • Entries will be accepted through October 1, 2014.  In the event that the first whale sighting is before October 1, 2014, valid entries will accepted through the day before the reported sighting.

When do you predict Hawaii will have this year’s first whale sighting? Enter your prediction in the comments!

  1. My guess is an early one. 15 August!

    1. Neal prensky says:

      September 27th 2014

    2. Corinne DURBECKER says:

      I guess october 5… At 3 pm.

  2. Jenn Lingenfelter says:

    I’m going to guess August 18th! We will be on our Honeymoon in HAWAII then 🙂

  3. Paul Morris says:

    My guess September 7th.

  4. Lorie Neubert says:

    I am thinking September 24th.

  5. Katherine Hardeman says:

    It will be September 14 ! Aloha to the humpback whales…xo

  6. Fidel de la Merced, Jr. says:

    My guess is September 12th.

  7. My prediction is on my husband’s Birthday, Oct 13th.

  8. Rene Keller says:

    My prediction is Sept 28. This is my sisters birthday, my little dogs birthday and my best friends birthday. I am feeling Lucky!

  9. Laura Magrone says:

    I predict October 11th!

  10. Kim Peters says:

    I predict September 28!

  11. Judi Bishop says:

    My prediction for the first sighting is Sept 22, 2014

  12. Sashi dhanbir says:

    I think it is August 28

  13. Whales will return Oct 3 @7:38Am

  14. Sheila, I have consulted with my ocean sources and they have passed on the arrival date of the majestic humpbacks to our waters. 08:27 am October 3. jerry

  15. My prediction for the first whale sighting of 2014 is October 22, 2014!!

  16. October 8th. I am willing to travel with the Beals to Hawaii to act as an independent auditor as well 😉

  17. I predict October 8th.

  18. September 17 is my prediction 🙂

  19. Carolyn Kramer says:

    I think it will be October 6th. Thanks for the contest!!

  20. October 10th. Thanks for the contest!

  21. I guess September 1st! Hope I see one then. Mahalo

  22. October 20 – when we are cruising !

  23. September 8th – mahalo !

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