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Aloha awesome readers! Whether you’ve subscribed for year or are just joining us, we’re glad to have you with us!

We’ve recently added hundreds of new subscribers so we thought it might be useful to summarize some of our top advice for Hawaii vacation planning.

Since we’ve written over 2,200 articles, one of our challenges has always been how to make navigation to articles quick and easy. That’s not an easy task to do. So hopefully today’s short article will get you on the way to where you want to be.

Let’s start with our first time visitors’ guide to Hawaii which covers everything from how to pick your island(s) to what to pack for a Hawaii vacation and a whole lot more. It’s written in a logical sequence to help plan your entire Hawaii vacation.

Another useful starting point is our island guides. They’re good to review from when you are trying to choose an island to visit up until you’re making detailed itinerary plans. Here are direct links to our island guides:

If you are planning a trip to celebrate a milestone anniversary or a honeymoon, our honeymoon guides offers advice for how to plan a romantic trip to Hawaii. Here are direct links to our honeymoon guides:

We’ve written roughly 160 articles with tips and tricks for making the most of your vacation time and budget. Sift through those articles from our tips and tricks category. Note that their are multiple pages of articles with some of our best advice tucked into that category.

With these suggestions, we hope you’re well on your way to discovering all the best of Hawaii!

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