Signs of Hawaii: Nene Crossing

When I travel, I have this silly habit of wanting to take photos of signs that I find to be interesting. I thought it would be fun to start a new photo series on signs from Hawaii. Today, we’ll start with a sign that you’ll only find in Hawaii and that is the Nene crossing sign. We took this photo in Kokee State Park on Kauai.


The Nene is special because it’s the Hawaii state bird and it’s an endangered species. So do be cautious if you see one. Don’t disturb them and as the sign says, don’t feed them. See my previous post on Nenes. Here’s a photo of a Nene that we saw near the taro fields in Hanalei on the North Shore of Kauai. Thankfully, Andy’s fancy new camera was able to zoom in for a closer view of this beauty.

Nene in Kauai North Shore

  1. We also have the habit of taking photos of signs, to help us remember where we’ve been. I also like to use them for our website, too, on pages and articles about restaurants, shopping, etc. It originated with with Cindy’s scrapbooking before I even started the website, so I just piggybacked on that.

    And yes, our range from helpful to silly. I think there are quite a few signs that are very unique to the islands. A quick search on Flickr for “volcano sign” is always good for a quick laugh.

  2. The Nene is so beautiful and unique, you certainly got a great shot of one. Birds are something I usually struggle to capture on film (digital or otherwise), so it’s nice to see someone have good luck with that 🙂

    This really is a fantastic idea – I’m looking forward to more “Signs of Hawaii”. It will give me a list of things to really look out for on my next trip.

    @Kris – Thanks for the Flickr search suggestion. I chuckled heartily at my desk for quite a while. Here’s a cute sign from Moloka’i that I really like:

  3. @ Kris – Sometimes I wish I’d have taken more photos of quirky signs on my travels. Have you found yourself taking photos of things that you wouldn’t typically capture because of your blog? I have.

    @ Ami – Thanks! The Nene is beautiful and quite graceful, too, considering it’s a type of goose, I believe. I’m glad you like the concept of this series. I’ll be posting one of Kris’ sign photos tomorrow.

  4. You’ve gotta love Andy’s photographic abilities! What kinda camera? How far away form the little goose was he?

    I like that sign! 🙂

    1. Evelyn –

      Andy used his Nikon D80 on that photo. I think we were probably about 30 feet away from the nene. We had stopped to take a photo of the taro fields in Hanalei. We didn’t realize there were nene there at first. So, we got a double treat with that photo stop. 🙂

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