Hawaii In Contrasts: Summer vs. Winter Waves

I’ve been to Oahu in all seasons and have  witnessed what a dramatic difference Oahu’s North Shore is in Winter versus Summer. Winter months bring big waves to Oahu and turn the North Shore into a surfer’s dream. In summer months, the water is much more calm. Just see for yourself. We took the following photos of the beach at Turtle Bay Resort. Though the vantage points are different, I promise that these photos are of the same beach.

Winter Waves

We snapped this photo in February 2009 from the shoreline.

Turtle Bay Beach in February 2009

(For even bigger waves just a few miles down the road and on the same day, take a look at my post on the Banzai Pipeline.)

Summer Calm

We snapped this photo in June 2007 from the lanai at our room.


See this link for more examples of Hawaii in contrasts.

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  1. That’s why the locals look forward to the changing of the seasons. We get South Shore swells in the Summer & North Shore swells in the Winter. Always something to look forward to.

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