Giveaway: Photo Gadget That Gets YOU in the Picture


The folks at XShot contacted me to share some details on their cool photo gadget, XShot, that allows you to be in your photos. This gadget solves that problem of stretching your arm out to try to snap the photo that never seems to come out as well as you hoped.

The nice people at XShot are offering to to giveaway a Pocket XShot to a Go Visit Hawaii reader. It’s perfectly sized for travel. For a chance at winning, just enter a  comment on this blog post by the end of Friday, July 8, 2011. XShot has asked that we limit this giveaway to U.S. residents only, please.

  1. This would be a perfect gadget for us. We are rarely in pictures together when we travel.

  2. I can’t wait to go to Hawaii! & it would be awesome to win the pocket xshot to take many photos!

  3. This is pretty cool! I’m usually the one with the camera when I travel or hike and so I always end up with no pictures of myself but lots of great pics of everyone else 🙂

  4. Would love this gadget. Perhaps I could stop bugging strangers to take our photo .. LOL.

  5. My husband and I have traveled all over the world and always taken our pictures together with the extended arm in the foreground. This would be a wonderful tool to take really awesome pictures of ourselves enjoying the places we are visiting and to be able to take those shots where if you only had a little longer arm would be perfect. This is a great product and I would even love to buy Pocket XShot and give them as gifts.

  6. Awesome idea! Great way to get some good shots (with me in them) on hikes and adventures instead of just everyone but me! Kudos!

  7. “Is that a XShot in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”-Taken from a similar quote from the 1933 film She Done Him Wrong starring Mae West and Cary Grant.

  8. <3 Hope to win:

    Don't get caught with chopped head shots, get XShot !!!!!!



  9. XShot + my camera will = love

    ….lol….okay okay…enough fun for now. XShot looks like a great idea. My camera, my arm, the scenery around me, and my photo album would love to win this!

  10. Wait, one more…I want to revamp one of my sayings:

    Shoot the shot with XShot


  11. How cool is that. I’ve never been successful as others in taking my picture with arm extended. Looks like the perfect self portrait gadget!

  12. Maybe I’ll start a little trend of XShot sayings 😀

    I might come up with more later!

  13. Sweet giveaway thanks!!! I’m headed to the Big Island in 2.5 weeks!!!

  14. Love it! My arms are never long enough to take self-portraits this way – I would do it all the time with this gadget!

  15. I am glad to realize I am not the only one that is terrible at getting both my husband and myself in the photos. I am going to have to get me one. I am going to have to get one for my son and future daughter in-law for their honeymoon! Whithout I may never have known about it. Thank you!

  16. this is a great giveaway! This little gadget would really solve that arm reach everyone (including myself) has going on in their pictures.

  17. I would love this! Always lots of pictures of the family, only a few with me!

  18. Wow- can you say family photo? How nice it would be to be included.

  19. This would be awesome to have – but then I’ll never have another photo with my forearm in it!

  20. This is an awesome gadget! To think, I could actually have a nice photo of my husband and I without the strange neck thing that happens when you try to smile and move back haha.

  21. I’d love to win this – it will make it easier to take family photos.

  22. I would love to win this. I’m not in many photos as I’m the one mostly taking the pictures.

  23. I’ve used my friend’s Xshot several times and absolutely love it. The thing is practically indestructible, which is good since he’s always taking it Mountain Biking, snowboarding, rock climbing and hiking.

    I’d love to finally have my own so that I can use it all the time. Not too mention I’ve been wanting to write a review about it on my rock climbing site and send it out to my 4,000+ newsletter readers, but since I don’t own one I never felt good about doing it.


  24. This is a simple, but great idea. It definitely would be great to have when taking to trips to places with great scenery like Hawaii!

  25. I just went through my recent pictures to make a photo book of my and my husband while on vacations, and realized how many shots I would’ve loved to be in, but SOMEONE had to take the picturs! I tried a few times, and only got our faces and no background whatsoever, so unless you look at the photos before and after can you surmise where you happen to be. This looks like the BEST gaget to come out in quite a while. If I don’t win one, I’m sure to look for it at my nearset photo shop. Thanks for the info. Aloha

  26. This XShot sounds like a neat idea! I am usually the one who takes the photos on our vacations and I’m rarely in the pics and it almost seems like I wasn’t there. This would make it possible for the picture taker to be in more photos. And, it would capture more scenery too. Would love to win this! Thanks, XShot and GoVisitHawaii for this giveaway chance!!

  27. I can see how this could be a handy tool surprised somebody hasn’t thought of it before now! I think it is a must have.

  28. This would be a wonderful gadget to have. I’m the photographer of our group of family and friends so I am never in any of the photos. We are headed back to Hawaii for the 2nd time in a year in January. Can’t wait!

  29. Our daughter will be a SR this year and we are going on our first ever vacation… Oahu! What an awesome way to capture this moment in time.

  30. Mahalo for all your great comments. You all should be on the XShot marketing staff. 🙂

    I numbered the entries and then used to randomly select the winning number. Congratulations to Karl Moss for being our winner!

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