Hawaii Vacation News Roundup: November 2, 2009

Clock in WaikikiI hope you enjoyed the sugar-filled weekend with an extra hour to boot! Me? Well I had a great weekend and consumed far too much of a certain starchy vegetable that’s harvested this time of year. You know the vegetable, I’m talking about, don’t you? No? I’m referring to my favorite vegetable, candy corn. 😉 Okay, okay! I’ll cut out the cheese now and just get on with the vacation news.

* Just a reminder — though you may have adjusted your clock back one hour this past weekend, Hawaii time remains the same year round.

* The Village People will be playing at this years New Years Eve party and concert at the Sheraton Waikiki. I’ll post the details when they’re available.

* I was sad to read that the Big Island’s Parker Ranch will be shutting down all their tours. (Source)

* I’ve been holding back this next tidbit for quite a while. I figured that since we’ve just celebrated Halloween and you’ve seen lots of scary ghosts and goblins over the weekend, perhaps you won’t be so frightened to see me interviewed in a video clip. Our local CBS affiliate, WRAL, filmed a segment on avoiding credit card foreign transaction fees. It’s a good idea to be aware of these very sneaky fees, especially if you are traveling outside of the US. By the way, I’ve considered many scenarios and I can’t think of an instance where these credit card foreign transaction fees would apply to Hawaii travel for US credit card holders.

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