Review of Spa Luana at Turtle Bay Resort

While staying at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North shore of Oahu,  I had the opportunity to try a couple of spa treatments at Spa Luana. The resort’s spa offers many services including, massages, facials, body treatments, manicures, pedicures, and salon services.  Several treatments use Hawaiian methods and products.

The spa is tucked away in a quiet area of the ground floor of the resort.  The spa is relatively small having only five indoor treatment rooms, plus an outdoor hut for massages. The spa also has a fitness center, a hair salon, locker room, and an al fresco relaxation area with ocean views. 

I was warmly greeted when I arrived at the spa.  One thing I particularly liked about Spa Luana is that everyone encountered was very welcoming and unpretentious.  Most spa employees seem to have an attitude of intimidating superiority, but that is certainly not the case at Spa Luana.  The staff at Spa Luana show the lovely spirit of aloha. 

After I signed in and completed a questionnaire, I was shown to the locker room.  I was issued spa slippers and a nice silky robe.  The locker rooms include saunas, so I took advantage of that to warm my muscles up for the lomi lomi massage.

The massage room had ocean views though when you are face up or face down, you really don’t get to enjoy the view that much, but still it was nice to know I was that close to the ocean.  I very much enjoyed the massage.  The therapist made me feel comfortable and asked questions so that he could better target the massage where I needed it the most. 

After the massage, I had a limu (seaweed) wrap that is supposed to remove toxins.  Though I quite liked the therapist who provided the treatment, I can’t really recommend that treatment.  I didn’t really feel less toxic.  ūüėČ

Tips to Know Before You Go

  • To get the treatments that you want when you want them, you should book your treatments before you arrive.  You can schedule an appointment by calling 808.447.6868.
  • A “service charge” of 18% is tacked onto your bill.
  • Plan to get to your appointment about a half hour early so that you aren’t rush.  You’ll be able to sit in the sauna before your treatment and/or sip some cucumber or citrus water in the relaxation area.
  • See this article for other
  • tips on making the most of your spa treatment in Hawaii.

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