Fields of Hawaii – Pineapples Fields

Oahu Pineapple Field

When you think of icons of Hawaii, beaches, palm trees, volcanoes and pineapples come to mind, don’t they? Though Hawaii’s pineapple industry is on a decline, you’ll still find that juicy golden goodness growing on Hawaii’s rich volcanic soil. (See these pineapple tidbits for interesting facts on growing pineapples.) We took this photo of a pineapple field in central Oahu.

I’ll close this pineapple post with a photo of pineapple plants. Aren’t these spiky plants  funny looking?
Pineapple Plant at Maui Kaanapali Hyatt

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  1. I love pineapple and have been growing my own in Florida for years. They never get as large as the original pineapple I purchased, but the golden pineapple is sooo juicy and delicious.

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