Colors of Hawaii: Green Gecko in Pink Ginger

Gecko in Pink Ginger

Cute little fella, isn’t he? 

  1. Hahaha! He didn’t speak so I don’t know if he had a British accent or not. 🙂

  2. My house is seriously infested with those little guys. My 5 year old boy loves it though. We actually have names for a few of them. They eat the bugs so I can’t complain too much.

  3. @ Dave – that’s cute that your son has names for the geckos. I’d be interested to know what their names are. 🙂

    @ jim – haha…at least it’s not a photo of a caveman in pink ginger. 😉

  4. The one that lives in the living room is named Speedy. Because he rins real fast from one hiding spot to the next. (Actually, there are several that live in the living room but they all look the same so what’s the difference?)

    The one(s) that live in my son’s room is called Buddy. It’s my boy’s little Buddy. Awww… :^)

    BTW – It’s very bad luck to harm a Gecko in Hawaii. I believe there is some sort of Hawaiian legend or whatever but I don’t know the details.

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