Hawaii in Contrasts: Verdant vs Sparse

Today’s post in the Hawaii in Contrasts series focuses on the extreme rainfall variations in Hawaii. Each island has a leeward and windward side that experience vastly different levels of rain. (See my post explaining leeward and windward.)

Leeward Oahu at the Diamond Head State Monument Park

At Diamond Head State Monument

Windward North Shore of Kauai at Hanalei Valley Lookout

Taro Farms

    1. A paradise indeed, Mrugesh. 50 First Dates was filmed mostly on Oahu. If you get a chance to go there, take a movie tour at the Kualoa Ranch where you can see the road that Drew Barrimore drove down each morning in the movie.

  1. Very lovely. I got to do a helicopter tour at the Maui Photo Festival and we fly through both the Iao Valley and around the cliffs on the west side of the West Maui mountains. A good example of some of the contrasts you’re referring to here.

    1. Kris – I bet that was awesome to see! A helicopter tour is perhaps the quickest way to see the leeward and windward contrasts. I still have trouble wrapping my mind around how there’s so much contrast in such a compact area of one island.

  2. There is no place like Hawaii, there is no place like Hawaii, there is no place like Hawaii! Now where did I leave my ruby slipper? :)))

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