Mahalo to our Veterans

Navy Sailors at the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor

On this Veterans Day, I’d like say thank you to our veterans!

(The photo above is from our personal collection and one of our favorites.  We took this photo in front of the USS Missouri in Pearl Harbor on Oahu.)

  1. You forgot to mention that the USS Missouri is the place where the Japanese surrendered. By visiting Pearl Harbor, you can visit the place where WWII began & ended. It’s such an amazing place.

    I just watched the movie Pearl Harbor last night on TV. The Japanese are such great people… It’s hard to imagine that sort of thing happening.

    My 5 year old boy asked me what “War” is… I told him it’s a situation where bad people make good people murder each other on a massive scale. He didn’t understand how that could happen and I don’t understand it either.

  2. @ Eric – thanks…glad you enjoy the photo!

    @ Dave – well, I didn’t really forget…if you click on the link, you’ll see that linked page does mention that the Mighty Mo is where the Japanese surrendered.

    I’ve seen the movie Pearl Harbor once and though I love watching movies set in Hawaii, I’ll most likely never watch that one again…I’m too tenderhearted to watch war movies…especially tear-jerkers.

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