Hawaii Vacation Misadventures of Andy & Sheila: One Sharp Eye Edition

On the last morning of our first trip to Maui, I was still so hyped up from the vacation that I hadn’t fully recovered from jet lag. I was up early and decided to use the time wisely by grooming my eyebrows. (Come on, now! Isn’t that what everyone does in their spare time?)

It was early and my dexterity must not have woken up yet, when the tweezers accidentally slipped from my fingers. As the tweezers fell, the sharp end grazed my right eye on the way to its eventual stop on the countertop.


I could feel that the tweezers had scratched my eye. What should I do? Andy was snoozing away at this early hour and I hated to wake him. But, I was in a panic. So, I woke Andyimmediately by informing him what I had done. What a way to wake up, eh?

Andy inspected my eye. He could see that the tweezers had cut away a pretty deep gash in my cornea.

We didn’t know where to go for medical assistance and it was early on Sunday morning. We had seen a Doctors on Call office near where we were staying in Kapalua, so we rushed there. It was closed, but there was a sign saying that the Kaanapali office at the Hyatt should be open. So jumped back in the car and headed there.

After a bit of a wait, I did see a doctor who examined my eye and assured me that I hadn’t permanently damaged it. (Whew!) He prescribed some drops to aid the healing and prevent infection.

Unfortunately, we lost our opportunity for a nice relaxing breakfast on what we thought would be our last time on Maui. Now, we laugh at the situation and Andy always reminds me to be careful when he sees me with tweezers in my hand. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed poking fun of myself in this post. Pun intended. Ah, tweezers jokes, they’re endless. Aren’t they?

By the way, there is a lesson learned from this instance – Do know where you can go for emergency treatment in the unlikely event that you need it.  See this post on 4 things you should do before you go on vacation.

  1. Janet Rivera says:

    ouch Sheila! Great tip tho! Glad the damage wasn’t too bad to your eye.

  2. Thanks, Janet. One thing I learned from this incident is that the eye is one of the body’s quickest parts to heal. My eye was all better in about two days.

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