Hawaii Vacation News Roundup for February 19th

I’m giddy with excitement, because…

  • Starting tomorrow, I’ll begin a series of virtual tours of the Hawaiian Islands.  We’ll visit an island each day.  Do you have a preference for which island we begin our virtual journey?  Please comment with your request.  (By the way, I must send a big thank you to my friend Chris for pointing me in the direction of these upcoming virtual tours.  But for now….shhhh….it’s still a secret.)
  • Hawaii’s Marriotts are offering a special honeymoon packages valid now through November 28th.   The package includes accommodations, champagne and strawberries, and special (unspecified) “extras”.  You must use the promotional code HON when you book your reservations. 
  • I’ve been keeping an eye on the sulfur dioxide warning at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park as promised.  The warning and limited closures are still in effect. 
  1. That’s why we always have to put nature first and live life around her. Great story, keep the updates coming.

  2. Thanks, Debo Hobo…I always enjoy your visits and comments!

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