Infographic: Hawaii Travel Trends

The folks at FlipKey crunched years of data from their reservation request system to determine travel trends. Then they packaged the trends in a neato infographic that’s shown below.

Some of the top stats that you might find interesting are:

  • Nearly 20% of travelers to Hawaii are from California
  • Honolulu is the top overall Hawaii vacation spot at 13.7% of visits
  • Romance paradise: 45% of Hawaii reservation requests are for parties of two, and peak season is Valentine’s Day
  • Wailea-Makena on Maui is the most expensive spot for a Hawaii vacation
  • April, May, September and October are the best times to save on a Hawaii vacation. (As we mention in our own analysis of the best time to go to Hawaii, these months are also great times to visit to avoid crowds and enjoy nice weather.)

This infographic is chocked full of interesting data about Hawaii visitors, so dive in and check it out.

FlipKey Travel Trends: Hawaii Infographic
FlipKey Travel Trends: Hawaii by vacation rentalssite

Did anything surprise you about the data?

  1. I can understand us Californians going there the most. It’s only 5 hours, and you get 3 back when you arrive. It’s our #1 vacation spot. We go about every 2 years.
    Never been to Honolulu.
    We have traveled mostly as a couple.
    We’re staying at Wailea-Makena to start next trip. 4 free nights, before moving to Ka’anapali for 11 nights.
    We love September on Maui, didn’t care for March as much. Trying May next time.
    $135 a night? That sounds very cheap, even for off-season. I guess we only stay at the higher-end resorts/condos.
    7 nights is a very good length. 10 is better. 2 weeks is even better! Less than 7 is almost a waste, when you consider airfare costs. Surprised that 3-5 nights is more popular than 9-14. That’s got to be mostly Californians.

    1. Thanks for sharing your personal “Hawaii travel trends”, Ramon.

      I’d like to hear why you didn’t care much for March in Hawaii. Was it due to rain? March can kinda be hit or miss for rain. Though, it’s a great month for humpback whale watching.

  2. This was very, very useful. We are always checking in on the latest data but seeing it in a nice infographic was a site for sore eyes. And some of the data was new and quite surprising. Thanks for the hard work!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this. I love a good infographic.

    “Did anything surprise you about the data?”
    25% of all requests are for exactly 7 days and 43% is for 6 to 8 days.

    That’s longer than I would have guessed.

    1. Interesting observation, Dave.

      I wonder if the 7 days was because FlipKey is mostly for vacation rentals, so they’re normally rented in weekly chunks?

      I believe I’ve seen a stat, though I’m not entirely sure where, that said that people traveling form the East Coast don’t believe anything short of a week is worth doing. We’ve gone to Hawaii for as little as 5 nights a couple of times from the East Coast. I don’t think we’d ever want to go for shorter than that, but if that’s the only time we could squeeze in, we’d certainly take it. 🙂

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