Readers’ Pearls of Wisdom on Visiting Pearl Harbor

Go Visit Hawaii readers rock! After posting my tips for visiting the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor, an great little piece of advice was shared in the comments by Dave from Oahu. He recommended to sit in the back of the boat on the trip from the memorial back to the shore. The reason being, is that if you turn around, you’ll have an excellent view of the memorial. Then Dave shared his photo (below) with me. I think we can all agree that Dave’s photo is pretty awesome.


Then, another nice Go Visit Hawaii reader, Stefan from Germany, shared a YouTube video he uploaded from one of his trips to Oahu. Guess where his great video was taken? Yep, from the back of the boat on the return trip back to the shore. Here’s Stefan’s video.

Email subscribers, click here to watch Stefan’s video.

Mahalos to Dave and Stefan for your comments!

  1. I’ve made that trip how many times and I’ve always sat on the side just watching the water. Boy that is a good tip. I will remember that the next time I take visitors to the memorial.

    1. Karen – lucky for Go Visit Hawaii has some very smart readers. 🙂

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