Scientists Discover Special Hawaii Gecko Can Speak


Scientists have discovered that the kliminupatree gecko has a special ability to communicate. This gecko is endemic to Hawaii and is commonly found on all the Hawaiian islands. Through years of dedicated study, experts have been able to specifically identify these five very important survival words:

  • food
  • water
  • run
  • hide
  • danger

Another three distinct words have been discovered but not yet defined by scientists at the Gecko Ecological Institute of Communication Operations (GEICO). Oddly, scientists believe these words have something to do with car insurance. Dr. N.E. Anderthal of GEICO says,”This discovery is very exciting. This gecko has most likely been able to communicate with this special language since the days of caveman.”

  1. You know, that explains why the last time I walked past a gecko, carrying my spam sandwich, I kept hearing this tiny voice saying “food, food.”

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