Breaking news: Visitors to the top of Diamond Head are about to escalate!

Exclusive photo rendering from the Touristy Association of Hawaii.

Due to our great partnership with the Touristy Association of Hawaii (TAH), Go Visit Hawaii has gotten an exclusive on this breaking news that an escalator will be installed to take visitors to the top of Diamond Head!

Currently, to reach the top of Diamond Head for the great views, visitors must complete a 2-hour hike from the crater’s center. It’s quite a steep hike and definitely gets your heart pumping in the last section with hundreds of stair steps. The escalator will eliminate the need to hike to the top.

An escalator contractor, Joe’s of Kansas Escalators (JOKE) has been selected to complete the work which is scheduled to begin today, April 1st and barring any foolishness should be finished by April 2nd.

Exclusive photo rendering from the Touristy Association of Hawaii.

In a statement exclusive to Go Visit Hawaii, Ima P. Ullingurleg, president of the Touristy Association of Hawaii, said, “We’re excited to be adding this new method to make it easier to get to the top of Diamond Head. Visitors tell us time and time again that the view of Honolulu is unparalleled.”

What do you think of this new escalator?


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    1. Mahalo! We have so much fun coming up with these April Fools Day jokes, so we appreciate your comment. 🙂

  1. I think the Kansas Podunk Gazette ran a story about how Joe’s had arranged an exclusive contract with the menehune to do the work! I’m so glad this will be ready for our visit later in the month. Can’t wait to ride to the top! 🙂

  2. I know this is an April Fool’s Day joke; however, it if were possible to do this,it would further destroy the wonderful view of Diamond Head – which a hotel already did. Sigh!

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