Get Fired Up For The World Fireknife Dance Championship & Samoa Festival on Oahu

The Polynesian Cultural Center will host the 15th Annual World Fireknife Dance Championship and Samoa Festival this week from May 16 – 19.  If you have ever been to luau, you know that one of the biggest highlights is the fireknife dance.  Well, imagine how exciting it would be to get to watch world class fireknife dancers compete! 

If you go to the event this year, you will have the special treat of seeing two new competition categories – Teine Toa o Somoa Fireknife (warrior girls) and a warriors duet competitions.  The fireknife dance championship is actually part of the Samoa Festival that involves high school students competing in traditional Somoan customs such as basket weaving, coconut husking, firemaking, dancing, and more!

For more details on the competition and the schedule, see the PCC Fire Knife Competition Blog

Mahalo to Christian Wilson for use of the photo!


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