Good Review on Paradise Cove Luau

Findiing a good luau in Hawaii can be a hit or miss situation.  This John Fisher review of the Paradise Cove Luau at the Ko Olina Resort indicates that this particular luau is a winner. 

[N]ot only is it the best luau on Oahu, but one of the best I’ve attended anywhere in Hawaii. It especially impressed me that they are able to accomplish what other Oahu luaus have failed to do, that is host a huge crowd of hundreds of people and do so in a way that you don’t feel that you’re a lonely cow in the middle of a huge cattle drive. As strange as that sounds, it’s the most common complaint I hear about these larger luaus on Oahu. They host so many people that the experience becomes very impersonal.

One additional upside to this luau that wasn’t mentioned in the review is that luau is located on the west side so that you will be able to enjoy a sunset view in addition to the luau festivities.

The Paradise Cove Luau has a few different luaus to choose from with prices starting at $53 for children and $73 for adults for their buffet luau.


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