Visiting Historic Haleiwa, Oahu

The famous Haleiwa sign.

The North Shore of Oahu is one of our favorite spots on the island. The beautiful beaches and laidback vibe are so welcoming.

Haleiwa is the biggest town on the North Shore. As you make your Oahu vacation plans, it’s worth spending some time in Historic Haleiwa for shopping, dining and enjoying a shave ice. Of course,¬†Haleiwa Beach Park is quite nice as well.

The architecture of Haleiwa speaks of its plantation history. The colorful buildings can almost transport you back in time to visualize the sugar cane plantation era.

On a recent trip, we filmed a drive through Haleiwa from one end to the other and back again. We took this footage to help give you a quick taste of the town. Please enjoy this video of a roundtrip drive through the Haleiwa in under three minutes.

Have you been to Haleiwa? What are your favorite spots in Haleiwa?

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