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USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Oahu offers an incredible array of attractions and activities and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the options. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you to quickly find all the best things to see and do on Oahu in our 7-day Oahu vacation itinerary. Our itinerary includes all the top attractions, plus we recommend opportunities to learn and appreciate the local culture.

If you are traveling with toddlers to teens, you’ll want to see our article Oahu Family Activities and Attractions. That article lists things to do that are fun for the whole family.

For even more ideas of things to see and do on Oahu, check out the following list of ideas.

– Outrigger canoeing

– Learn to surf

– Take a boat tour such as a scenic boat tour, dinner cruise, sunset sail or during humpback whale season (January – March), go on a whale watching tour.

– Go snorkeling – Hanauma Bay is one of the most popular snorkeling spots on Oahu.

– Go hiking – three favorite hikes are: Hiking to the top of Diamond Head for a beautiful view of Honolulu. Discover Oahu’s greener side with a hike to Manoa Falls. Enjoy a sunrise walk at along the coast on the Makapuu Trail

– Kayaking – I recommend kayaking the to the Mokulua Islands

– Golf

– Enjoy a spa treatment

– Go horseback riding

– Enjoy a wonderful dinner and Polynesian dance show at a Oahu Luau

– Learn about Polynesian cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center

Tour central Oahu

Look for filming locations for the TV Show LOST

Tour scenic Honolulu by segway

– Take a helicopter tour of Oahu

– Go to a Oahu swap meet or farmers market.

For more ideas, see our list of over 50 fun things to do on Oahu.

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      1. Sheila thanks again for your website – it really has helped us plan our Hawaii trip. Just wanted to let you know how appreciative we are of all the dedication and hard work you put into this site – thanks for answering our questions. All the best !

        1. Thanks for the kind words Corinne! I hope you have a fantastic trip. Please come back and tell us about it.

  1. Hi again! We have booked our flights arriving in June and we are staying on Oahu for 13 nights. There is going to be 7 of us including 2 children (6 and 3). We are thinking about spliting our holiday up by spending 5 nights in the North Shore and the rest in Waikiki. Would you recommend us getting a rental car for tge North Shore part or is thebus a good option? Thank you. I really enjoy reading your suggestions ☺

    1. A rental car is ideal for the North Shore. Plus you need to consider transferring luggage. I think there are luggage limitations on TheBus. Check their website for more information.

  2. Howdy from Denver!

    We will be visiting Oahu and the Big Island soon. Are there any cool thrift stores (a good place for discount local trinkets) or antique shops around?

    Thank you kindly for taking time to reply.

  3. I am not a city person, but I would like to see some of the places featured in the original Hawaii 5-0, such as the iolani Palace (of course), Makapu’u point (one of their prettiest filming locations), kaipiolani park, the Bishop Museum, Le’ahi (diamondhead). I’d also like to see the Honolulu Cathedral, and maybe attend a service in Hawaiian. I’d also like to go by Jack and Marie Lord’s place of residence, which is near Diamondhead, I believe.

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