Hawaii Travel Tip: Snap Photos of Signs

Akaka Falls
How many times have you looked through your vacation photos only to wonder what’s the name of that place? I know I have dozens of times.

As you travel in Hawaii, you’ll discover that most historical and scenic sites have Hawaiian names. With these names being foreign to most visitors, they’re very difficult to remember, especially as you try to acheive as much sightseeing as possible.

To help you recall the names of the places you visit, be sure and snap a photo of the signs at the sites you visit. It’s so easy to do and takes just a few seconds.

I recommend you also take photos of informational signs to jog your memory on why the sites you visited were important. See the following photo from the summit of Haleakala as an example. That sign offers so much great information about Haleakala that I’d probably never remember with out the photo. The photo of the sign tells us the summit’s height above sea level — 10,023 feet. Then it goes on to explain that another 19,680 feet below sea level. Aren’t those interesting facts about Haleakala that are worth remembering and sharing with your friends and family?

Haleakala Sign

When you see a unique sign on your travels, take a photo of it, too. They may not be particularly picturesque, but photos of signs prompt good travel memories. We’ve collected quite a few interesting signs of Hawaii from our travels to the Aloha State. For example, the following photo shows a standard no parking sign, but it’s surrounded by lava.

Do you take photos of signs when you travel?

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  1. I liked the one for “No Parking” sign… I couldnt control but LOL….

    Who would park in Lava ??… I am sure people must be parking something. 😀

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