Interesting Signs in Hawaii

A few years ago, I published a series of unique signs of Hawaii. As we have thousands more readers now, I thought we’d take a look back at all those signs together. Plus, I’ll add a couple more bonus photos I’ve captured since that series.

First up, we have a very Hawaii-specific sign – the Nene Crossing warning sign. The Nene is Hawaii’s state bird.


Kris Nelson shared his photo of this turtle crossing sign from the Maui Ocean Center.


From the next  photo in our sign series, it seems that you really do need to keep an eye out for animals in the road – even invisible ones. Smile

Invisible Cows?

As this lava-engulfed sign indicates, you really must be careful where you park in Hawaii. When they say no parking, they mean it.

Hawaii Volcano Lava

The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau uses the following sign design to highlight historic or culturally significant sites.


Though a Road Narrows sign is not unusual to see on the US Mainland, a moss covered one does make it unique. We took this photo in the jungle-like setting at the Manoa Falls trailhead.

Road Narrows Sign covered in Moss

This next sign is a reminder that you need to be careful under palm trees. Consider that when you’re looking for a parking space.

Beware of Falling Coconuts

My friend, Kris Nelson, shared another photo. This one is a reminder of how far away Hawaii is from other major cities.


Where else would you see a poi sign other than Hawaii? Kris Bordessa shared this photo with us in the series.


Hawaii’s beach safety warning signs reminds us how important it is to be careful in the ocean.


This next sign tells us it’s time for shave ice.

Time for Shave Ice

This next shot is from the scenic road to Hana. Individually, these signs aren’t particularly unique, but the fact that there’s so many indicates that you really need to pay attention as you drive on this winding road.

Signs along the road to Hana

To complete this little photo essay in interesting Hawaii signs, I want to share my favorite. This sign sits above a toilet in the ladies room at the Haleakala National Park visitors center. I literally laughed out loud when I walked into the stall and read this sign. Who drinks water out of a toilet?

Maui Toilet Humor

I hope you’ve enjoyed this slightly informative, but mostly amusing look at signs from Hawaii.

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