Does Disney Aulani offer day passes?


Since writing our Disney Aulani review, we’ve received this question many times – do you know if you can buy a day pass for the Disney Aulani resort? The short answer is no, day passes are not offered.

As I recently reconfirmed with a Disney Aulani representative that day passes are not offered, I asked the representative for a brief explanation why. Her (paraphrased) response was that it would be unfair to the guests who are paying to stay at the resort, if they allowed day guests to use the same facilities.

If you were hoping that Aulani did offer day passes, I’m sorry that no is not the answer you were wanting. However, I can understand why Aulani doesn’t offer day passes. With room rates starting at $399 per night, Aulani guests are paying a premium to use the top-notch facilities like the excellent pools, water slides and lazy river. Aunty’s Beach House and the complimentary evening entertainment are also great guest amenities included in the price of a stay. If I’m a guest paying a premium to stay at Disney Aulani, I wouldn’t want to have to share the amenities with someone who pays a much lower price to access the same facilities.

If you want to see the resort and dine there, there’s no charge to be there and walk around.  For example, you don’t have to be a paying resort guest in order to go to the character breakfast, dine at any of the restaurants, buy a shave ice, etc. The only fee you might incur is a parking fee if you’re parking a car.

If you really want to experience Aulani, then consider booking their least expensive room for one night’s stay – even if you don’t actually spend the night there, your room key will give you the access to all the great resort amenities.

If a waterpark is what you’re wanting, then consider spending a day at Wet ‘n’ Wild. Park admission will cost you about $45 or less per person and the water rides and facilities are larger than what Aulani offers. Aulani is less than a 10-minute drive from Wet’n’Wild, so you could pop over to the resort for a bite to eat if you want to see the facilities.

  1. I’m still not sure. Does Disney Aulani offer day passes or not? 😛 I’m kidding. Hopefully this will answer a lot of those questions.

  2. I was looking forward to a day pass during a cruise I’m taking.

    That would have been a great day at the beach.

    my wife and I easily would have dropped a couple of Ben Franklin’s in less than 6 hours

    1. The beaches in Hawaii are free for anyone to use. You can spend a day at the beach fronting Aulani all day with no charge. You just can’t use their beach chairs or their pool without being a guest.

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