Catch the 1st Annual Hawaii Wiener Derby this Memorial Day Weekend

The first annual Hawaii Wiener Derby is set for Saturday, May 23, 2009 at Thomas Square from 10am to 2pm. I’m a little bit disappointed that I’m just learning about this event because it mixes two of my favorite things together – Hawaii and Dachshunds. Does it get any better than that? 😉

Here are a couple of Web sites where you can learn more about attending this event:

Official Hawaii Wiener Derby Web Site

KGMB 9 discusses the derby and holds an in-studio race

Now, I’ll leave you with a photo of two of my favorite Dachshunds, Bonnie and Reno, who would definitely be fierce competitors in any wiener derby. 🙂


See my previous post for other Memorial Day Weekend Events in Honolulu. There’s loads of good stuff going on!

  1. Reminder: A good pun is its own re-word. 😉
    (Sorry about that – I couldn’t stop myself)

  2. That’s a great shot, but I bet there’s a stadium groundskeeper cringing at the thought of those two dogs on his perfectly manicured football field.

    The folks at the office are gonna love the Derby race link. 🙂

    Neat find.

    1. Hi Kris – that football field is actually artificial turf at my high school stadium. That’s why it looks so well kept. 🙂

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