Finding a Sunny Place of Refuge on Hawaii’s Big Island

Place of Refuge

“We need to go to the Place of Refuge today.” That was the thought that woke me on the first full day of our recent Big Island visit.

We’ve been to Puuhonau o Honaunau National Historical Park, commonly known as the Place of Refuge, on two other trips and we didn’t have plans to return on this visit, but for some reason, we were drawn back to Puuhonau o Honaunau. Oh, I’m so glad we were as we enjoyed a sunny, peaceful morning.

On previous visits to the Place of Refuge, the skies were a bit overcast. On this recent visit, the skies were wonderfully sunny – making this historic spot so vibrant.

I want to share this morning visit with photos.

Pu’uhonau o Honaunau (Place of Refuge)

Place of Refuge

Hale o Keawe

To conclude our visit to Puuhonua o Honaunau, we admired a honu (Hawaiian sea turtle) resting on the shore.

Honu refuge

As you can see, that awakening thought that we needed to go to the Place of Refuge resulted in a sunny reward.

  1. Nice pictures! This history and significance of this sacred place in West Hawaii is what gives me chicken skin.

    1. Thanks, Jessica.

      For sure, it’s a chicken skin site.

  2. Christine says:

    Stunning photos, Sheila. Wow!

  3. I’m going to be ALL OVER the Big Island section of your site this week, lady! You are truly a trusted source.

    1. Jennifer — I hope you find some helpful tips for your planning!

      You are going at such an exciting time with the lava flowing down to pali (hill) and also into the ocean at the end of highway 130. Will you have a chance to get over to that side of the island? It’s a long day, but doable to drive from the Kona side to the lava flow and back in the same day. Just make sure you get to see it after dark when the red glow of the lava becomes visible in the dark. It’s off the charts amazing to see!

      Another exciting thing is that the humpback whales will be there, too. Our favorite whale watching spot is between mile markers 4 and 5 off of highway 270. There’s a small parking lot just off the highway. From there, you can take a path down to the top of the cliff.

      If you’ve not seen this post, it’s a good start Since you’ve been there before, you’ve probably already done some of the activities, but hopefully, it will provide some new adventures for you.

      Oh, I’m seriously giddy about your trip. You’re going to have a super time!

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