Kauai Chickens – Cute or Annoying?

Kauai Rooster
A Kauai rooster poses for a vacation snapshot.

On our facebook community,  a very nice reader, Nikki, recently mentioned that she’d just returned from a Kauai vacation. I asked her what she thought of her trip to the Garden Isle. Nikki’s response was,

“Kauai is beautiful….but there are WAY too many roosters!”


Kauai does have an abundance of feral chickens roaming that gorgeous island. There are several theories as to why Kauai has so many wild chickens, but nobody seems to know the definitive reason.

I first visited Kauai in 2003 and of course came home with the obligatory Kauai vacation photo of a wild chicken. With each return, it seems to me that there are more wild chickens. I’m not sure if the population is actually increasing or if I’m just more aware of them.

I thought it would be interesting to see what you all think of the Kauai chicken scene. Do you think Kauai’s chicken population is quirky and cute or crazy and annoying?

  1. The roosters here in Holualoa on the Big Island are very annoying.
    Especially at 1am to 5am. Worse yet are the people who have them as pets and they go off all night.

  2. We LOVED the feral roosters in Kauai…Where else would you see that many? They were the source of many many jokes while we were there…

  3. Recently visited Kauai for vacation…loved, loved, loved the chickens. I don’t know why but I had a fixation with them. Amazed that everywhere we went we found chickens. Even bought a T-shirt that said…..”Their Everywhere”. Most beautiful place I have ever been and hope to return.

  4. I walked out of the airport and found myself waiting around with a bunch of chickens to catch the bus. I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. I love chickens & had no idea about the population on Kauai. What a treat. Even if I lived there they wouldn’t bother me.

  5. Loved the chickens and the pigs. Find myself missing them. They live in harmony with each other and the other birds and animals. The low key lifestyle lends itself to their survival. People seem to live with a stressfree lifestyle with the let live and enjoy your surroundings. Love Kauai.

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