Hawaii in High Definition with Polarized Sunglasses

If you don’t already have a pair of polarized sunglasses, do yourself a favor and get some to bring on your Hawaii vacation. They really do make a difference.


You know the phrase, “Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know”? Well that was the case with me until I had a chance to try polarized sunglasses for myself. Andy had a pair of polarized glasses and I noticed that sometimes he’d make comments about things he could see, but I couldn’t. Then Andy would let me try on his polarized glasses and I could see what he was seeing. Wow, what a difference!

Polarized sunglasses are perfect for Hawaii because they cut down on the glare of the sun on the ocean and sand. When the glare is removed, you are able to see a greater depth of colors. Sometimes, polarized sunglasses help you see into the water, making coral and fish visible.

Another advantage of polarized sunglasses is that it prevents your eyes from getting fatigued. So when you’re out driving and sightseeing, not only are you able to see more without glare, your eyes aren’t getting tired.

So, where do you purchase polarized sunglasses? If you don’t have polarized sunglasses, here are some suggested brands that we’ve tried and liked:

Have you tried polarized sunglasses? Are you a fan of them, too?

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  1. I’ll have to remember that for August. I already know what a polarizing filter can do for removing reflections in your photos, but never went as far as wearing them.

    1. Kris – they really do make a big difference. I finally found a pair I liked and brought them to Hawaii on our recent trip. Oddly, Andy didn’t bring his. Once again we were swapping out shades so that we could both enjoy the polarized view.

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