Reminder: Avoid leaving valuables unattended in Hawaii

The sticker inside the trunk of this Kauai rental car reads, ” DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN TRUNK”

After reading recent this news about about a UFC Champion’s bad experience with a car break in on Maui, I thought it was time for a fresh reminder for us all — don’t leave valuables unattended in Hawaii.

Though this incident made the news because of the celebrity nature of the victim, car break ins are an unfortunate problem in Hawaii, just like many other places. When we’re on a blissful Hawaii vacation, it’s easy to let our guard down, but as UFC Champion, Mike Bisping discovered this past weekend, you need to protect your valuables at all times.

The victims in this incident had left a bag with a wallet and clothes in their rental vehicle while they were hiking in East Maui. Thieves smashed a window and helped themselves to the bag.

Here’s the Instagram post shared by the victim:

In hindsight, I bet Mike Bisping wishes he had brought his wallet with him. A wallet would hardly take any space in a handy daypack we recommend bring in this article of things to bring for Hawaii sightseeing.

No matter how inconvenient, we always carry our valuables with us. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

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  1. Happened to us too on vacation. The thieves punched our lock and helped themselves to everything that was in the car. The parking lot was “supposed to be” on video, however, come to find out, the video didn’t “work”. So pack lightly if you are sightseeing. It was heartbreaking to think that someone was so cold-hearted to do this to visitors that come visit their beautiful islands. It’s sad but it happened.

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