A Double Duty Cooler Tip

I subscribe to the magazine Budget Travel and my favorite recurring feature is the “20 Tips”  submitted by their readers. As I’ve been catching up on some reading over the holidays, I ran across this cooler tip from the  November 2008 issue that I thought could be helpful for Hawaii travelers.  This double-duty cooler idea submitted by a Budget Travel reader, Kelly Sortino from San Francisco.

If you’re planning a vacation and want to bring cold drinks drinks to the beach with you, use a [flexible] six-pack cooler as a toiletry bag. When you get to your destination and unload your toiletries in the bathroom, the bag can be used as a cooler for he rest of the trip.

Excellent idea, Kelly! I have a lunch bag cooler that I think I’ll use to try this trick on my next visit to Hawaii. Do you have a  trick that’s cooler? Let’s hear it, please!

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