Fantastic Kauai Hiking Trail Guide

image A few months back I spoke highly of the excellent Kauai Explorer Beach Guide.  Now, here I go again heaping praise on Kauai Explorer, but this time it’s for their new online Kauai hiking trails guide.  So far they have ten popular Kauai trails detailed.  One feature that blew my socks off is that the guide has virtual tours of trails.  Wow!  The guide also includes safety tips, difficulty ratings, distances, and user ratings and comments.  Well done, Kauai Explorer!  You rock!

  1. I recently visited Kauai and it was awesome. The Kauai Explorer site was a great guide for helping locate beaches and trails and get my bearings on the island. I also checked their surf report everyday to find out if the waves were going to be to big for my kids (you have to have an internet connection, i used my iphone). Anyone going to Kauai should definitely check this site out.

  2. Wow! This trail guide is awesome. I love the trail rating system! I know before I go whether I am going to get a good workout or if I am going for a stroll. The directions are great too because some of the trailheads are hard to find if you don’t know where to look. I highly recommend this guide to anyone that wants to check out a hike on Kauai.

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