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A Roy’s Restaurant to Open on Waikiki

The new Roy’s restaurant will debut at the new Beach Walk mall on Lewers Street. From this news story, it appears that the restaurant will officially open to the public on April 28th. The restaurant will be open from 11 am to 11 pm. I love dining at a Roy’s restaurant, so this just gives me another reason to visit ... Read More »

For Fans of the TV Show Lost

OK, count me as one of the many people addicted to the TV show Lost!  As you probably already know, Lost is filmed on Oahu.  I found this cool Lost Virtual Tour website that identifies scenes from show to actual locations on Oahu.  I’ve also found this interesting blog called ‘Lost’ in Hawaii that not only offers interesting observations from each episode ... Read More »

Sunset Dining in Hawaii (6 Secret Tips)

Catching a Hawaii sunset is a must to do on your Hawaii vacation. As sunset normally falls around dinnertime, why not make plans to enjoy a great dinner while watching sunset? Today, we’re sharing our best secrets for a wonderful sunset dinner in Hawaii. 1.  Make a reservation and get to the restaurant early. Restaurants in Hawaii seat their customers ... Read More »

Advice on Choosing a Safe Helicopter Tour

If you are considering a sight seeing tour by helicopter in Hawaii and are concerned about the safety of the tour, be sure to do your research before you hop onto one of the whirly birds. Here is some valuable advice I found in this article: The NTSB maintains an online database ( with accident information searchable by state ... Read More »

Oahu “treasure” to become a state owned park.

Upper Moanalua Valley, “one of Oahu’s natural treasures,” is state land now, officials announced today. If you hike in the valley you will find a pohaku (stone) with unique petroglyphs, seven stone bridges hand-crafted by Italian masons in the late 1800s, and historic home sites. You might also see one of three endangered bird species for which the valley’s five ... Read More »

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