Hawaii travel news: Maui to begin second test. Governor sets provision in place for vaccinated travelers to bypass pre-testing and quarantine.

Maui to begin requiring second test for arriving trans-Pacific travelers.

Maui County received approval to require a second COVID-19 test for all trans-Pacific travelers participating in the Safe Travels program. The exact implementation date is not yet know, but is expected to be towards the end of April.

The second test will be a rapid test conducted at Maui’s Kahului (OGG) Airport. The cost of the second test will be paid by Maui County.

Arriving passengers who refuse the test will be subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine. See this link to Maui News for more information.

Governor Ige sets anticipated vaccine exemptions in place for fully-vaccinated travelers. Implementation date TBD.

Governor Ige signed the 19th Emergency Proclamation for COVID-19 on Thursday. (Rules for travel to the state start on page 6.) Most notable in the new proclamation is the provision that will eventually allow fully-vaccinated travelers to bypass quarantine and pre-testing. The date of implementation is not yet known aa it will become effective upon approval by the director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency. Here’s the exact wording from the bottom of page 8.

(3) upon the establishment of an exception by the Director of HIEMA, persons who, prior to departure to the State, upload into the State’s Safe Travels program or otherwise provide validation that they have completed a vaccine regimen approved by DOH. This third exception is not available as of the date of this Proclamation, requires action by the Director of HIEMA and details will be posted at https://hawaiicovid19.com/. Persons under the age of five accompanied by a traveler who meets existing test exceptions are not required to obtain a test prior to arrival.

In the meantime, travelers must adhere to the current travel rules post at HawaiiCOVID19.com/travel.

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  1. The Big Island tests upon arrival and now Maui ….. I’m not against testing, but I won’t travel there unless, or until they feel safe enough to allow vaccinated travelers, like myself, to be exempt from such tests. I have a concern about a possible false positive and then have to be quarantined. There is entirely too much money on the line to gamble. Also, I can’t imagine being stuck in a room for any amount of days.
    In addition, I , now stay at a condo, where would I quarantine ? Will I have to be moved ? What about my rented vehicle?
    I’m hoping to be able to return in the fall, but have an alternate location chosen where no testing is required .
    Thank you for this very informative info.

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