Hawaii travel news: Kauai to re-open to visitors with complicated stipulations + new Hawaiian Airlines sweepstakes


* Kauai plans to slightly open back up to tourism starting January 5, 2021, but with several stipulations and the process is a bit complicated. Here are the new options for out-of-state visitors to bypass or reduce their quarantine period on Kauai:

  • To bypass the mandatory 10-day quarantine period, travelers must
    • participate in the state’s Safe Travel’s pre-travel test program prior to their flight to the state of Hawaii
    • receive a negative result before their departure flight to Hawaii
    • fly to any Hawaiian Island other than Kauai
    • stay on that non-Kauai island for a minimum of 72 hours
    • take another test no more than 72 hours before an inter-island flight to Kauai as part of Hawaii’s inter-island pre-travel testing program
    • receive a negative result before their inter-island flight departure to Kauai. The visitor is then allowed to explore the island of Kauai without quarantine.
  • To have an enhanced, then reduced quarantine period, a visitor must
    • participate in the state’s Safe Travel’s pre-travel testing program
    • receive a negative result before their flight departure to Hawaii
    • stay in one of Kauai’s  Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) resort bubble resorts with access to restaurants and the pool
    • stay at the EMQ resort bubble for at least three days
    • take a post-travel test
    • with a with negative test result, the visitor would be released the modified quarantine and allowed outside of the resort.
  • For more information about Kauai’s specific rules, check these resources:

* Hawaiian Airlines has a sweepstakes game with chances to win 160,000 HawaiianMiles, which is enough miles for two round-trip tickets from any of their U.S. mainland gateway cities. This new sweepstakes is called “Aloha From Above” and has a few steps to follow for sweepstakes entry. See this link for entry and rules.

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