Burned-Out Bloggers Head to Hawaii

By Andy

It’s not just US presidents that are heading to Hawaii for some rest and relaxation–the world’s top bloggers are too! Michael Arrington is the CEO and editor of TechCrunch.com the world’s 3rd most popular blog in the world, and he chose Kauai as his destination for a month long trip to get away from it all.

A month that I spent sitting on a beach in Hawaii doing absolutely nothing that involved work. I hiked, I surfed (badly), I snorkeled. I read book after book sitting in the sun with an ice cold beer next to me. All of my computers were left behind in California. All I took with me was my iPhone, to post a few pictures to Posterous and Facebook. The only news I heard was local stuff, mostly about the weather.

I stayed in Hanalei Bay on the north shore of Kauai. Hanalei is a very small town with just a single small hotel, lots of locals and a few tourists driving through to reach some good hiking trails at the end of the road. For a blogger looking to get away from it all, Hanalei is a good place to do it.

What’s interesting is Arrington enjoyed his Kauai vacation so much he posted his trip report on TechCrunch–which is normally a blog that only ever covers technology news.

Maybe the Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau needs to come-up with a new campaign–similar to the one it’s doing for President Obama–and promote Hawaii as a destination for burned-out bloggers.

Can you come up with a tagline? Here’s mine: “Hawaii: It’s time to stop publishing your life and live it!”

Leave a comment with your suggestion. 🙂

  1. Hi Sheila, Just for some perspective; We are burned out Hawaii bloggers thinking of moving to the mainland to get a life…Isn’t that funny? jerry

  2. Hah, that is funny! Someone asked me on Twitter “where do Hawaii bloggers go?” Isn’t Vegas a hot spot for Hawaii residents?

  3. Hi Andy, You are right-the most popular hot spot for locals is Las Vegas…You would think we would legalize gambling here. The legislators know that nobody would go to work if we could gamble right here in paradise… again the government is helping us…what a bad joke it is…jerry

  4. Aloha Andy and Sheila,

    Enjoyed the blog post today and if you see that clever slogan pop up in a Hawaii marketing campaign somewhere, I swear I didn’t read it here. 🙂 Mike certainly picked the right island to unwind on and recharge his batteries. Kauai is the perfect spot for that.

    And regarding Las Vegas, it’s considered the “9th Island” by locals here because so many from Hawaii go there to visit…daily!

    A hui hou!

  5. @Nathan – you can have that one on the house! 🙂

    I can hear the conversation now. “We need to adopt a 9th island. Let’s pick a place in the middle of a desert, with no plant life, and lots of concrete! That will fit in perfectly!”

    If they ever need a 10th island, I know Sheila would like to petition for Raleigh, NC! 😉

  6. Mahalo for pointing me here from Twitter! I voted and stayed to visit… Hold on a sec, I think Poipu is calling me!

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