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4K Aerial Tour of Oahu’s Stunning Beauty


On our last visit to Oahu, we decided to put together a video that would show you a side of Hawaii you may not yet have seen: from the air! We used our GoPro and DJI Mavic Drone to put together an aerial tour of Oahu in stunning 4K ultra-HD! In addition to the drone footage, we also climbed aboard ... Read More »

The Hawaiian Hula Dance: 10 facts you may not already know

A trip to Hawaii is incomplete without enjoying at least one Hawaiian hula performance. The hula dance is one of Hawaii’s oldest traditions and is often accompanied by either Hawaiian music (mele) or a traditional Hawaiian chant. While the Hawaiian hula dance has become a popular source of entertainment for visitors to Hawaii, its role in Hawaiian culture is to ... Read More »

Ukulele beginners’ guide for new ukulele owners

If you’re a fan of Hawaiian music, there’s a good chance that Santa delivered a brand new ukulele this past Christmas, or perhaps you bought a ukulele yourself on a recent trip to Hawaii. Either way, you might find the following resources useful as your start learning to play the ukulele. I know they helped me! First up, you might ... Read More »

Come Check Out the New for 2013!

It’s a New Year and it’s a new design for your favorite Hawaii travel guide! If you’re viewing this post from your email, then come on over to and see our brand new refresh for 2013! You’ll quickly see a fresh new design that makes it even easier to find the best Hawaii vacation advice. So, what are some ... Read More »

Confessions of a First Time Hawaii Sushi Lover

“Er, this fish is not cooked.” Those were the words that stumbled out of my mouth just prior to losing my sushi virginity. You see, I was distracted somewhat by this view while ordering dinner: Yeah, stunning huh? I was so busy watching the water cascading down the hills and the sun setting over the Bali Hai, that I had ... Read More »

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