Pololu Lookout

Pololu Lookout

We’d go to the end of the earth to capture a beautiful photo for our Go Visit Hawaii readers….or at least to the end of Highway 270 on the Big Island. 🙂 This beautiful view on the north coast of the Big Island is worth the trip along (Hwy 250) or around (Hwy 270) Kohala Mountain. The scenery all along the way is beautiful and then when you arrive at the end of the road, you’ll be sure to say, “Wow!”

From Kona, we took Highway 19 North to Highway 250 which passes by acres and acres of island pastures and ranches near the ridge of the Kohala Mountain. Then at Highway 270 we turned right (East) until we came to the end of the road. On the way back towards Kona, we followed 270 all the way back to Hwy 19 South for pretty views of the ocean. We really enjoyed this particular route.

There’s a short, though steep hike, down into the valley to the black sand beach. See our post: Hiking the Big Island’s Pololu Trail

See this link for other great things to see and do on Hawaii’s Big Island.

  1. Giggles: Looks like you had an audience! Looks like one of your subjects was checking you out! 🙂

    Comment: Sigh. Looks so peaceful. Nice shot, thanks for sharing!

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