Advice on Choosing a Safe Helicopter Tour

If you are considering a sight seeing tour by helicopter in Hawaii and are concerned about the safety of the tour, be sure to do your research before you hop onto one of the whirly birds. Here is some valuable advice I found in this article:

The NTSB maintains an online database ( with accident information searchable by state and type of aircraft, but not by operator. (A chart listing accidents by tour operator is at

To be safe, Bassett says travelers should choose a commercial air tour operator that is advertised as a “Part 135” carrier, the FAA’s designation for carriers subject to higher standards than general aviation operators.

Travelers also should pay attention to the pilot’s safety instructions and ask how to get out of the helicopter in case of an accident, especially if flying over water.

Ask questions if there is any uncertainty, especially if the pilot fails to provide pre-takeoff instructions.

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