Take me there Tuesday: Ho’okipa Beach Park, Maui

Just outside of the little Maui town of Paia you’ll find Ho’okipa Beach Park. This beach attracts surfers and windsurfers as well as those who like to watch them! Count me in the category of those who like to watch the skill of the surfers.

This beach park also attracts honu (sea turtles) where they come to rest on the sandy beach. Take a look at the following photo and notice all the similarly shaped, round “rocks” at the far left corner of the sandy beach area. Those aren’t rocks, they’re hunu! (As a reminder, always keep at least a 10-foot or 3-meter distance from honu both in and out of the ocean.)

Ho’okipa Beach is located off Hana Highway (HWY 36) near mile marker 9. There are two, main parking sections to this park — a lower section with a picnic pavilion, restrooms and beach access and an upper section with excellent lookout views. We usually visit Ho’okipa at the end of driving the road to Hana, though we’ve also visited it before dinner at Mama’s Fish House or just exploring the area.

Please enjoy our short (11-second) video panorama from the lookout view of Ho’okipa Beach Park.

As this beach attracts windsurfers and if you noticed in the audio of our video, Ho’okipa is a windy spot.

Have you been to Ho’okipa Beach Park? How was your experience? What did you think of this area?

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