Take me there Tuesday: Pristine Polihua Beach, Lana’i

If you like to get off the proverbial beaten path, then Lana’i’s Polihua Beach will suit your desires. You’re more likely to see a turtle or monk seal resting on the beach than you are to see another person.

To get to Polihua Beach, you’ll need to rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle and drive a 10-mile, dirt road to find this amazing seclusion. By the way, spending a day to exploring Lanai’s unpaved roads is a really fun adventure. Check out our video with scenes from this off-road exploration, including Polihua Beach.

Polihua Beach is a great place for a long beach walk or enjoy a picnic, but it’s not advised for swimming. It’s just a fantastic place to take in the pristine scenery.


Have you been to Polihua Beach?

On a sidenote, for visitors looking for a relatively safe-from-COVID destination, the Island of Lana’i is becoming one of Hawaii’s most vaccinated locations in the Hawaiian islands. In a Hawaii News Now report from earlier this month, more than half of the island’s residents have received at least one vaccine dose. Officials anticipate that they will soon be vaccinating eligible residents as young as 16 years old.

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