Aloha Friday Photo: Distant Diamond + Hawaii COVID-19 Update

Mahalo to Caren Espejo for sharing this Aloha Friday Photo. Whether you see Le’ahi Crater, more commonly known as Diamond Head, up close or from a distance, it always catches your eye.

Now for an update on COVID-19 in Hawaii and its potential future effects. Recently the number of new cases have been in the 100 – 200+ range. In yesterday’s alarming report, a new record high of 355 was announced. The previous record was 231 cases on August 8. So, that’s quite a jump.

Most of the cases are centered on Oahu. Hawaii News Now reports that of the current active cases, 96% of them are on Oahu.

Hawaii has one of the highest contagion rates in the USA. In a Hawaii News Now report on Wednesday, an epidemic tracking expert estimates that one in 50 Oahu residents may have the virus.

In a press conference yesterday, Gov. Ige says that leaders are considering re-instating stay-at-home orders. Additionally, leaders may delay the start of the pre-travel testing program which would allow trans-Pacific visitors to bypass quarantine with a negative COVID-19 test. That program was set to begin September 1.

  1. Jon Deeny says:

    Based on previous comments and what they have said I would be surprised if mainland pre-testing program starts before December at this point. At least they can’t point their fingers at us on the mainland for the spikes

    1. Sheila Beal says:

      Jon – do I remember correctly that you have a vacation planned for October? If so, do you still plan to take the trip?

      1. Jon Deeny says:

        Good memory! Yes October 13th. I can’t imagine the pre-travel testing program being in place by then. Can you?

        1. Sheila Beal says:

          Well, theoretically it’s possible, but, with the way cases have rapidly been on the rise in Hawaii, it doesn’t look promising. I was reviewing the data earlier and Hawaii has more than doubled the cumulative total number of cases in the last 12 days alone.

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