Check out our new first time visitors’ guide to Hawaii


If you’re planning your first Hawaii vacation, be sure and check out our newly created first time visitors’ guide to Hawaii. This new page  lists all our best planning advice organized based on where you are in your planning process — from “I don’t know where to go” to “I’m ready to pack my bags.”

Even if you’ve been to Hawaii a time or two before, you might want to check out this guide as well. You’ll find practical tips for saving money on accommodations, rental car, dining and more.

  1. I’ve already been twice and still learned a thing or two — this definitely seems like it’d be handy to more than just first timers. Thanks!

  2. Agree with Kevin, really handy tips not just for first time travelers esp. the bit about saving money on rentals and the sights & activities. Thanks for sharing! Cheers.

  3. Dear Sheila,

    My sisters and I are planning to go to Hawaii for the first time this summer. Which month would be better to go, July or August? And we are planning to stay at the Makaha Valley Towers. Do you think that’s a good place to stay?
    If possible I would like an answer by email.

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